FaZe Tfue, one of the most dominant players in competitive Fortnite, is getting sick of certain aspects of the game.

He was playing a solo game on west servers but was so frustrated with the stream snipers that he thought about playing a different game entirely.

“I can’t tell if I’m playing solos or the stream snipe Olympics,” the FaZe star said. “I’m so over this game man, I just need to a play a game that involves skill, for at least a little bit, because I’m going to lose my mind playing this game.”

These are strong words for the highest earning player in competitive Fortnite but stream sniping is an issue many of the top streamers have had for a while now.  

More of Tfue’s comments and gameplay can be found in the first three minutes of the video below.

Even though Tfue was playing with a minute delay, streamers still seem to be overwhelmed by the number of stream snipers, even while trying to take the available precautions.

The inclusion of rifts and vehicles has allowed people to more quickly third-party streamers and is clearly causing frustration.

Ninja was embattled in his own stream sniping controversy recently and, while he may not have the power to get people banned outright, voices like Ninja’s and Tfue’s take top priority in the ears of Epic Games.

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