Each of the 14 Days of Summer Fortnite event introduces new weaponry for use from the unvaulted loot pool. These weapons can only be used for a single day before they return int othe Vault.

We’ve seen a wide array of exciting guns come from the vaulted list back into Fortnite with the 14 Days event. The experience has definitely changed our perspective on possible ways of testing new items outside of in-studio tests for Epic Games.

4th of July is a special day for Americans and today’s unvaulted weapon lines up perfectly with the festive holiday. We’ll take a quick look at the Bottle Rocket’s stats, gameplay, and more.

Bottle Rockets unvaulted for 24 hours

Bottle Rockets didn’t stick around for a long time during their first outing. While some items stick around for over a year or two, these tiny rockets only stayed in the game for a single season. They were introduced in patch 7.30’s Content Update and removed at the beginning of Season 8.

Fortnite Bottle Rockets return for 24 hours on July 4th

As we hoped for in our July 4th wishlist, the Bottle Rockets bring us a little taste of fireworks into active gameplay. The item isn’t your typical Fortnite item and can be a little awkward to use during combat.

Essentially, the purpose of the Bottle Rockets is setup a turret of sorts which fires tiny rockets in a arc. The rockets cause damage to players and builds. Players can easily dodge the rockets, but there are more so meant for preventing building with a single tile of space.

Bottle Rockets Stats

You’ll quickly realize why the item was eventually vaulted as it doesn’t really have a good place in any meta. Yes, it can be a small nuance against heavy builders, but can easily be avoided. Each stack contains six Bottle Rockets. Here’s a spot of gameplay if you’ve never seen the item in action before:

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Daily Challenges

In addition to the unvaulted weapons, daily summer challenges keep dropping. Each of these challenge grant players exclusive rewards. They cannot be completed after the end of the 14 Days event.

Don’t worry if you are a little behind on these as we’ve got guides for every single one. You can find the corresponding challenge in the list below according to the day it was released.

Alright, hopefully all this information will help you get the most out of your 4th of July free time. Remember to have fun and stay safe! You’ll need to ready for another day of Fortnite content when the sun rises on July 5th.