We finally got an in-depth tour of Team SoloMid’s Fortnite house which was hosted by Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin, Daequan, and Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani.

The first time we were introduced to the TSM Fortnite house was back in May 2018 when the organization released their video, “IMPORTANT TSM FORTNITE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!”.

The original crew that lived in the TSM Fortnite house was Myth, Daequan, Hamlinz, and Juan ‘Camills’ Camilla.

Since then, the team removed Camills from the roster and only the original three TSM Fortnite guys remain.

Over a year later, we finally got an in-depth look into the house with a few additions since the original video.

TSM Fortnite House Tour 2019

On June 11, TSM finally released a full house tour video which covers the most important parts of the structure.

The beginning of the video starts off with the crew giving a tour of the garage, kitchen, and backyard where they shot a couple hoops.

Next, we were introduced to each of the guys’ rooms.

First Daequan gave us a walkthrough of his room which was fully equipped with Fortnite x Nerf weapons.

His set-up included a three monitor layout, with the right-most monitor being flipped vertically.

Hamlinz’s room was next in the tour, however we were awkwardly introduced to his “girlfriend”.

Hamlinz tries to hide his Llama girlfriend.

We also got to see his surprisingly sparse closet and Christmas tree, which had hilarious background music to keep the mood.

Last but not least we got to see “Myth’s Mansion” and his family of ants.

The video and the squad pick on Myth for his insect issue in his bathroom, which he has hilariously named his “ant friends” along with names for each of the critters.

TSM’s production team did a great job with the tour video, and as always the Fortnite team keeps the vibes high with their witty personalities.

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