According to Team Liquid’s Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo, console players will not have a chance to qualify for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup due to the advantages PC players have.

The Fortnite World Cup will have a $30 million prize pool, and ten weeks of qualifiers that will add another $10 million to the pot.

Due to Epic Games’ age requirements, the age restriction was lowered to 13 years old with parental permission, which leaves a lot of room for new players to make their mark in the Fortnite competitive community and walk away with thousands.

Most younger players tend to play Fortnite on console since high-end PCs can cost thousands of dollars.

What did Liquid Chap say?

Liquid Chap and his duo team-mate, Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve, were practicing for the first week of Fortnite World Cup qualifiers on April 13 when Chap began to go on a rant over Fortnite console players.

“If you’re on console, you’re not qualifying for Worlds. When has a console player even placed in a top 100 in a qualifier – they’re not going to qualify – get it out of your brain!”

Chap’s chat had a rebuttal, pointing out that Ghost Aydan plays on a controller and began his career as a Fortnite player on console playing on PlayStation 4.

However, he was quick to point out that Aydan now plays Fortnite on PC while using a controller, which isn’t the same as console.

“[Console] play on 30 FPS with shadows and motion blur on and you think you can compete?! You’re fucked – just give up.”

The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers begin next week on April 13 and last through June 13, offering $1 million in cash prizes each week of qualifiers.

The final stage of the Fortnite World Cup will be held from July 26-28 in New York City as players compete for their slice of the $30 million main event prize pool.

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  1. Fortnite on console has 60fps not 30fps. At least not anymore. But consoles do have skill and should qualify for any tournament or e-sport. I haven’t played a shooter on cnosole in years and when I tried it again I just couldn’t.

        • Tfue and cloak weren’t even in top 10 in the world cup warmup. I’m pretty sure bizzle/Dmo, savagem/benjy, or mitro/mongraal will win it. Also, Chap is literally friends with tfue, he was his teammate for this week’s cup on different accounts for the EU event.

          • Being friends is completely irrelevant πŸ˜‚ and they win it all so I’d say there position before the cup is also irrelevant

          • Saying this is irrelevant is stupid because this event is also looked at for invites to the world cup and it seems like they missed theirs. Invites are on placement and qualification this time, not clout. They either place it or they dont make it. The players I listed got top 5 in their respective regions and it shows where they will likely place in the qualifying weeks. Tfue and cloak better hustle up or they wont be in like the rest. I dont doubt they wont qualify but they aren’t the best duo of players even in Na. That would be bizzle/dmo

        • About 90% of the population of Fortnite players are anywhere between 9-21 years old. Most people that age are in school/college and can’t work. And, tbh, ehen you’re in college you barely have time to play, so wasting $1K on a PC you won’t use seems dumb

    • fuck you tyrone (nothing personal, just some kid named tyrese like 6 years ago when i was like 7 picked me up and threw me to the ground and hurt me pretty bad (he got suspended (the name tyrone reminds me of tyrese (nothing personal (quintuple brackets (sextuple brackets (hehe sex (octuple brackets))))))))

  2. Funny shit right there. Acts like console cant compete against PC. I have fought against PC. I have beaten good ass players. And I’m a casual. If I can do it. Think of the high tier console players. They are just as good or maybe better then some players.

    • They add items like the infinity sword for people like you to be able to kill better players. Humble yourself, you wont do shit to any pro on a PC in scrims like aydan, Issa, true, etc.

        • You can’t even say cock. You’re actually 5. But If that’s the best argument or insult you got, I give it a b+ for effort.

          • All i see is you supporting the guy who told people who probably cant afford a decent pc to give up on trying to get somewhere in a 30 mill tourney. Just because you can afford a decent pc because you dont have to pay half the shit everyone else does dosen’t give you the right to tell us to ‘go to work’ and other such thing. Leave you grammar nazi i hope you have financial problems in 2 years

  3. Does this person even know what he is talking about!? There are probably console players like gronky that are better than him

  4. Well fuck you too you fucking son of a bitch why do you fucking dare qualify for this shit when there’s people like ninja, don’t even try to participate you prick unless you wanna be the first man dead to a console player you asshole

  5. On behalf of the console community we would like to tell this bitch that he is welcome to blow our left and right analog stick.

  6. What an idiot. Does he think shadow and motion blur makes any difference??? Not to mention, you can turn them off on console. If you want to.

  7. Chap is a prick. “CoNsOlE pLaYeRs CaN’t CoMpEtE”

    It’s not like we can afford $2000 PCs. We’re not rich. Not all of us want to play on PC. It’s a choice, not a requirement. Console players like me can’t do 90s at piss off miles an hour, but we’re still good players. Due to my controls, I compete with PC players ALL THE TIME. Won an 18-kill game with them in the lobby.

    Checkmate, Chap. What do you want to say now?

    • Those are public games. Congrats on 18 kills? Good luck doing that in a world cup scrim game. You don’t 90 in a game like that. You have to play smart, play safe but know when to make certain decisions. You dropping an 18 bomb on bots is not quantifiable to winning a scrim with 40-50 person end games. Your console wont handle it. Get a job and buy a PC. Get off the 300 dollar box if you want to compete for 30 million.

      • Your definitely like 10. If you get a job your not going to autimatecly get Β£/€/$2000 straight away. It would take you a good few months to save up for a decent pc

        • I’m 17. I worked over the last summer. I accumulated about 5k during that time. I filed my taxes, I saved up what was remaining after putting aside 1300 for a new setup. Also it’s you’re*

          • Since you’re 17 supposedly you most likely still live with your parents so no house bills like gas electric. No insurance. No food shopping. No car fuel and bills. Just wait untill your older

          • Due to your improper grammar and spelling, either English is not your first language and that’s understandable or you’re immature. Yes I’m aware I don’t have to pay bills but I will in the future, that’s how life works. If i assume you’re in your lower teens, I’d say you dont pay for those either which is pretty hypocritical.

          • When you dont have a good comeback so you have to be a grammar Nazi. Get a life and stop commenting on peoples comments trying to be tough just because you wasted thousands on a PC while console players spend 300 and play just as well as PC players.

          • The thing is, it’s already shown you sknt play as well as PC players. If that were true, there would be plenty console players in skirmishes and lan events but there isn’t a single one. The point of Chaps argument is not that they’re all bad players but that because of the hardware limitations, competiting is impossible.

          • Sounds to me like you’re just looking for an excuse to show off. Good for you, you worked one summer and earned 5 grand. Woop dee doo! Others can’t afford to spend the time necessary to get that much money. Some people are in college, others in school. Others have jobs that pay shit salaries and struggle to make ends meet, and only have a console because of a gift. Denying them of playing tournaments because of their “disadvantage” is stupid. I know console players who would 10/10 be able to win the tourney. However, they have better shit to do.

          • They wouldn’t win anyway. I highly doubt some unheard of console player is going to break the boundaries and prove everyone wrong while playing on 3fps end game in World Cup Qualifiers. That’s not a realistic scenario. Yes I understand that not everyone can just go work and earn all the money they need to do whatever but if a person wants to compete, they have to put themselves on a platform that allows them too and console is not that.

          • You don’t have to be famous to be good, brother. Also, let people have fun bro. You’re basically discriminating against those who use consoles, like what’s the fucking point of that? Let them compete. I honestly hope a console player wins.

          • I dont mean to discrimin but I’m just starting that competiting on console is unrealistic. Only once has a console player qualified and that was in the winter royals. A console player on 3fps at an end game will never fairly and evenly compete with keyboard and controller players who are unrestricted to their settings and have higher frames on a PC. The chance a console player wins or even qualifies is highly highly unlikely unless epic optimizes the game better or the hardware gets better on console

          • Why do you keep saying 3fps? You do know that both Xbox and PS4 run Fortnite at 60fps right? That’s good enough for any FPS game. In any case, you seem to high on your own ego to actually sustain a conversation. Have a good day

          • No, you’re missing the entire point. World cup is going to be a very late game heavy format. Everyone in boxes, 50+ person final zones. During situations like these, the hardware on xboxes, etc cannot handle it properly and the frames dip down to below 10. 60 is just the max frames they can get but they dont actually get that many in these styles of games which is why they cannot compete. This is the main reason that PC makes up all of the players who qualify, may they be on controller or kbm

          • I experienced this firsthand when I first started fortnite. I tried a scrim a few months back before I switched to PC. and omfg my PS4 could not handle 30 people late game. My game kept freezing and when I could move, I had like, idk, 20 frames. It is impossible for console to compete, which is why nickmercs, aydan, and issa switched to using controller on PC.

          • I mean worked the whole summer, but people don’t have time to work 2 months because they announced world cup like a month ago? And btw, people to have school. Ur argument is invalid.

      • The game is for TEENS. The big majority of the game are TEENS. TEENS can’t work. TEENS can’t afford a 1K$ gaming pc. It’s not that simple bro. Maybe you can afford a pc, but think about others, your not the only one in this community.

        • Then only older players will compete. Most of the players who are pros came from other games and backgrounds. If you’re some random teen on a platform that can’t compete properly then you can’t compete.

        • He didnt say that you have to be able to afford it or make fun of u cause ur playing on console and cannot afford better but it doesnt change the fact that u cannot compete like that with the highest tiers of players cause you are in a huge disadvantage.

          • With the new update, honestly, pc players are at a more disadvantage that console bots. We need to change res, change game sense, CHange SENSITIVITY because the aspect ratios are different from stretched to native. And for people with 200 dollar pcs they need to get used to having less frames on native.

        • Okay so… TEENS (ok im just jking) can afford them. 13+ are teens, and afaik 15+ can get jobs (atleast in UK). im 13, but i can still earn money by doing chores, or freelancing (i make people roblox scripts lol), and i can buy stuff… i asked for a pc for christmas, and got a decent enough one to play csgo PERFECTLY MAX SETTINGS, and fortnite like barely.

          i only saved $200 for it, and we arent the most well off family…

          people can, and should easily be able to afford them, and they have a couple months to save, and it is probably doable. (i mean hey its worth saving for the next world cup atleast, right?)

    • seriously people need to stop with comments like these. it’s ridiculous. also you don’t need 2000$ for a “decent” pc. 2k is high end, not decent. a “decent” pc wont even reach 1k if you know how to buy stuff. it’s 2019 and people still argue with this, jeez.

      • my 1050 ti, and i5 7600 (+8gb 2133mhz dual channel ram) cant run fortnite very well… i can hit 40-50 fps on max settings 1080p, but it’s not great, and even on minimum settings 1080p, my buildings dont load.

        i drop shifty first game… bam structures take like 20 seconds to load

        drop 2nd game… instant
        3rd instant

        and then after that it just stops load correctly, it usually loads fine, but every now and then it doesnt load anything for 20 seconds, so i cant drop and get loot/kills

  8. For everyone crying in the comments, he has a valid point. World cup qualifiers are all very high tier and games where everyone is boxed up. When he talks about console, he is not referring to Aydan, gronky, Nickmercs, Issa, etc. They are all playing on PC with controller, not a low grade console.When you are on PC, you can pray to even get 70 fps on high end machines during these stressful moments. For console players, you would be lucky to get 7 frames in this situation due to your settings, frame cap and hardware limitations. You wont qualify in a situation like that. Get off the 300 dollar box or you wont qualify for a 30 million dollar tourney. It’s understandable that not everyone can afford such a thing but like I did myself, get a job and buy one. You wont get anywhere without working for it. Sorry but he’s right.

      • I never said that I would be qualifying, I’m not at that level yet. You don’t have to insult me personally because of the fact that console is quite literally not a competitive platform for fortnite. You can go ahead and doubt me but you cannot doubt all of the PC players when only once has a single console player qualified for an event and that was back in winter royals. PC on controller and kbm will be the entirety of the competition. Not your console players. Sorry not sorry.

        • You’re using money as your argument. Thus creating your own insult to others thinking you’re better because you forked out more money for the same game πŸ˜‚ hypocrisy is a big thing in your life I’m guessing with all the comments you’ve left πŸ˜‚

          • Not saying I’m better just because I forked out more money. Idid that for my own enjoyment, not just to straight up compete myself. There are many pro players like beesox who have delivered good to buy a PC and now have tons in winnings. If a person wants to compete, they’ll put the effort, time and money into doing so but on console, you just wont make it.

          • Most people who get consoles aren’t buying to compete. Their are kids who watch this prick who have now been told to give up. Great role model. And a great Moto for life. If it’s tough just give up. He’s a cock and unfortunately you telling me consoles can’t compete (which I’ve said numerous times isn’t my argument) will never undo this idiots comments

          • Yes that’s the point of console, for the casual fanbase. I dont look up to chap, I look up more towards 72HRS and Mongraal. Chap is only trying to shut down console players because the changes to stretched res and other things is because Epic wants to even out the playing field even though that’s not possible. His point is more against Epic’s attempt at equalizing the field for console, mobile and PC which is just not possible due to hardware. Though he comes off as a sick towards console, he really just hates where epic is leading comp fortnite.

          • Alright enough is enough kid. I have lot’s of shit to say about you dissing basically everyone here in the comments and to correct you because everything you say is pure bullshit. First, stop dickriding this scumbag Chap, there are plenty other good players out there that are better role models and are funnier to watch other than this cunt. Second, if we buy consoles, we don’t care about fucking competing. We don’t want PC players bitching over aim assist, and if we buy consoles it is because we have exclusive games, and we can crossplay with our mates on PC. Oh and not all of us have thousands lying around from fucking sponsors that pay us to be talking shit about others and sit in a fucking chair 8h a day playing games without doing any exercise and getting fucking fat. And third, consoles aren’t hardware limited on Fortnite. I have a degree in IT and if you stopped being such a stubborn piece of shit, you would know consoles had an option on Fortnite settings to uncap the frame rate and being able to play on 60 fps. Epic removed it because it increased the input delay and made the game unplayable. Oh and by the way, XBOX can play at 1080p120 and 1440p60. And these were changes that Microsoft made to the firmware. Now explain to me, how are consoles hardware limited? Stop being a prick and dickriding Chap and other fucking pro players that only like to diss the community. Everyone deserves to play and to be honest I’d love to see Chap getting fucked up by NickMercs or Aydan.

  9. First off…Show respect. Chap is pro. He’d kill you.
    Second….Chap’s correct. Playing console vs PC, consoles do not make top 100.

    Ever since GhostAdien & NickMERCS used controllers, Epic put Consoles and PC in the same pool when playing competitive. Until Epic separates them. It will be a feeding frenzy.

    • Respect is earnt pal. And he’s lost the respect of a lot of people. They’re ways of saying something and he’s gone about it the wrong way. Noone should be arguing consoles can compete because they cannot. But he is an utter prick after this. Hopefully gets banged off spawn in all his games

      • Doesn’t matter if you respect him for not. Disliking him cause hes saying the truth and it hurts you is pathetic. Cortuza has a point, until a console player actually wins a tournament or there are players who consistently qualify on console, then you don’t have anything to defend consoles with. Facts vs your feelings and opinions.

  10. Some random guy that I don’t even know who the f it’s, saying trash about console player while camping?? Lol that’s funny

      • people πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ allowed πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ know πŸ‘ who πŸ‘ a πŸ‘ streamer πŸ‘ is. πŸ‘ i πŸ‘ only πŸ‘ knew πŸ‘ who πŸ‘ liquid πŸ‘ chap πŸ‘ was πŸ‘ when πŸ‘ i πŸ‘ read πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ article πŸ‘ about πŸ‘ them πŸ‘ raging πŸ‘ because πŸ‘ ninja πŸ‘ is πŸ‘ better πŸ‘ than πŸ‘ them

        dont get me wrong the boom bow needs a nerf

  11. i like when he was talking trash he was camping in a one by one with a baller sitting right next to him with only 1 kill

  12. In response to Liquid Chap:

    Xbox and PS4 Fortnite Battle Royale is in 60FPS and nobody gives a shxt about your opinion. Not every console player is a try hard like you.

    • i mean.. he was talking about qualifying for worlds, not pubs, and for that he does have a point. if epic keeps trying to “level the playing field for everyone”, we’ll all be forced to play with console settings capped at 60fps on arena mode, because some people will probably complain about this. his frustration is understandable, but not justified.

      • At the end of the day who cares. I only came here for Fortnite news, not to see some prick bashing on console players on the front page of this site.

        PC players need to stop acting so damn toxic towards console players, whether they’re right or wrong. Its disguisting.

        • chap was never known to be that toxic though, and i didnt look at his chat during this, but probably someone in chat provoked him. some console players also have some really dumb thinking sometimes, not just us. but yeah, people in all platforms just need to come to terms with eachother and epic needs to look back at their decisions. it’s clear they aren’t doing their job right.

  13. He’s right, he is not criticing controllers, hes just criticing console, because is a cheap machine that hardly arrives to 60 fps, I cant imagine playing on 400 arena points with my PC at 60 fps, no way, you need atleast 144 with a 144hz monitor, because there is some screen movements that you need to be fast to response, and with 60 fps you just lose a lot of information in that fast frames

  14. I’m actually fairly sure all of you saying he is a prick are thinking he is saying controller players. And a good pc for this game to play with controller can be about $400-$500 if you find the right parts. Anyways, he is telling the truth, your little 30 fps console isn’t going to do shit for you. Even if Aydan or Innocents or any of those guys went and played it on console there is no way they would qualify. That’s why they switched to PC

  15. oh sorry chap we just can’t afford 2k pc like you (Xbox has most wins and second most kills so go build your stupid 90s)

  16. Fuck chap. Fuck chaps career. Ok, the game is for teens and the big majority are teens, but that doesn’t mean that no console player can’t afford a good pc, since there are also adults, and gamer PCs weren’t made just for streamers. And he’s talking like he’s gonna win, when chances of that are really small. There are even better players than chap. We get the fucking point we β€œCaNt ComPeTE!!!”. You guys know what we can afford but he can’t? A FUCKING WORKING, HEALTHY BRAIN.

  17. Quit taking this out of context, people. He’s not talking about the people playing with a controller on PC, like nickmercs and aydan. He’s talking about the people actually on console. And I agree with Chap. Console players can’t compete as well as everyone else. They are stuck with forced 60 fps, 60hz, and at least 70-200 ping while people on PC (this includes people on controller) can play with 300 frames, 144hz, and 30 ping. Sure, there are some console players that are skilled, but put them in a division 7 arena match with some PC players, and they end up with around 500 ping and 3 frames if they even make it to top 25. They need to either give up, because they won’t make it, or work to get some money to buy a PC that you can get some good connection on, and they have a good chance. I used to play on console, so you can’t say that I don’t know what I’m talking about when I experienced the game with these settings firsthand.

    • If you are playing at 300fps on a 144hz monitor you will see no benefit whatsoever. Like playing 144fps on a 60hz monitor wont be beneficial. Anything up to your refresh rate will benefit you, anything more wont. Also console players dont have higher ping than a PC player. Ping is based on your distance from the server and your internet connection. So if you’re going to claim you know what your talking about about, atleast get your facts right.

      I have a 240hz monitor and so max frames displayed is 240fps. The refresh rate and frame rate are the limiting factor on console so you atleast have that right.

  18. I don’t know why he is being an idiot about it… He could have just said that he thought that they couldn’t compete due to limitations of their consoles themselves.

    “Buy a PC or shut the f*** up…” That is so toxic. Honestly I hope Liquid releases him and/or he fails in the tournament.

    • Sad that he doesn’t use a face cam like every other streamer since he is self-conscious of his obesity. I hope he keeps gaming and grinding so he becomes obese and we can all laugh at his funeral.

  19. I don’t even know what’s going on, since this was in my Google feed. That said, after watching the video…

    He’s right. The way he went about it might have been in a high and mighty attitude, but that doesn’t take away from the fact he’s right. That said Console players should still be allowed to compete for qualification into this tournament or whatever but shouldn’t expect to actually qualify for the tournament.

    I think of this similarly to the Champions League. The shitty teams in the first three stages of qualifying are knocked out by the clearly superior teams who end up in the final tournament when it begins.

    Just let them compete in qualifying, they’ll end up getting steamrolled as they should.

    Though lol at the comments crying about him being a prick. Sometimes being a prick is the only way to get shit through people’s head

  20. Chap is right (he just didn’t have to shove it in to our faces like that). Playing in the World Cup as a console player against completely high-tier PC players.

  21. OK, this needs to stop. If you’re a pro PC player you can probably beat a console player. However, this does not give Chap the right to say these things. Let people do what they want. He’s basically telling console players such as myself to go away and don’t even try even if it is your dream to compete in and win a big competition for something. This is unacceptable behavior from an adult and is showing a really immature attitude and disposition towards younger and probably less fortunate kids and adults. These streamers and pros need to get off their high horse and stop thinking that they are above us because they can play Fortnite good. Also, while I did say a pro PC player could easily kill a console player, i am very aware of the times a console player has smacked a PC pro. Its just a little less likely.


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