Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan is one of Fortnite’s top earners, and he is tired of public matches.

72hrs was streaming Fortnite on January 5 when he was playing solos.

He was flying above an enemy with balloons and was shooting down onto his build.

The enemy tried to build out of the situation with 72hrs, however, he wound up falling to his death.

Shortly after, 72hrs was engaged by another enemy at Loot Lake.

Tom flew towards the enemy at the east side of Loot Lake when the enemy player quickly flicked around and killed 72hrs with a one-pump to the body.

He was visibly upset at the player and went back to the lobby disappointed.

One fan donated 5,000 bits trying to help 72hrs feel better, but Tom was clearly annoyed at the situation.

“Thanks for the bits but like-“, as 72hrs has a look of utter disgust on his face.

“I want to play this game and I want to have ****ing fun! This **** sucks. Pubs suck. They suck. I wanna play ranked. I wanna play ranked!”

Tom soon went into a hilarious tirade about wanting Epic to add ranked into Fortnite.

Team Liquid’s star isn’t the only competitive player to be frustrated at the current state of Fortnite.

xQc recently dropped his opinion on competitive Fortnite, and CouRageJD tweeted about his thoughts on January 3.

Do you think Epic should add a ranked mode into Fortnite Battle Royale?

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