Vivid was one of the first well-known players to lock up a spot in the Fortnite World Cup.

Normally players in esports have their spots in major tournaments or leagues pretty set in stone. Once you make it to the highest level, you are safe. Not in Fortnite.

The open nature of the Fortnite World Cup means that it doesn’t matter how successful you had been in previous Fortnite events, you still need to master this meta and get invited to NYC.

Vivid secured his spot in the solo finals during the first week, other notable names to qualify were Ghost’s Bizzle and 100T’s Ceice.

In the duo finals of week two, NRG’s MrsavageM and Benjyfishy plus Team Secret’s Mongraal and Atlantis’ Mitr0 were the most well-known groups to get through.

He recently did an AMA on Reddit and covered a wide variety of topics including his feelings on RNG in Fortnite, why he doesn’t stream as much anymore, the transition from playing with Poach to playing with 72hrs and the state of Fortnite.

Here are some of the best questions and answers from the AMA:

Q from Ballatw: How do you stay so consistent in the long run in this game, when there are constant shouts of “this game is just RNG”? Do you agree with this sentiment, and why? If not – how do we counter this opinion within the community?

A from Vivid: Fortnite is all about replicating situations. The more practice you get and the more you play, the more situations you’ll experience. There’s RNG but technically there can only be a certain number of relatively similar situations. The best players will also prepare themselves for any situation and be the best at responding to said situations on the spot. RNG can suck but it can also not suck.

Vivid had to navigate a unique meta to qualify

Q from iamnotkobebryant: Hey Vivid big fan! My question is, Are there any changes you made in your playstyle now that you duo with Tom rather than Poach?

A: The best part about switching duos, to me atleast, was establishing a play style with Tom. I don’t feel like me and poach ever successfully changed our play style, even if we discussed it. So when me and Tom started to duo, we play instantly wanted to just keep trying stuff until we were comfortable with a play style that we felt like we could win with.

That being said, I feel like me and Tom are a tad more aggressive than Poach and I were. I also feel like me and Tom are much more willing to go for high ground than Poach and I were :).

72hrs has become a popular player in the competitive Fortnite community
Credit: Team Liquid

Q from Syber234: You talked about it a little bit in your stream but are you planning on playing this week’s solo quals? You touched a little bit about how you qualified already and didn’t want to grief anyone’s games. Maybe play in them but don’t go for kills? What are your thoughts?

A: I’m in a tough spot mentally about playing the solos this weekend. I know that because I already qualified that I won’t try my hardest in them. If I don’t try my hardest then i could potentially end up playing bad which could lead to me messing up some others games. If I do play them, and feel like I’m potentially doing that in the finals on Sunday (On saturday I don’t think this will be an issue since the games are pretty pup stompy anyway), I will most likely stop playing them and continue on with the idea of a viewing party.

Vivid is in a tough position if he plays because he could wind up in lobbies with Team Liquid teammates, presenting a possible conflict of interest. A viewing party is probably the safer bet but because Epic hasn’t ruled against qualified players competing, he is free to play this week.

Q from themariokarters: How do you find the motivation to play a game that the developers don’t care for, professionally? Is it just money?

A: It’s a dream job, and I would feel dumb if I just quit because it’s in a bad state right now. Just gotta continue to do my best.
Money obviously ALLOWS me to do this, but if I was making less I would still play. I love competing and it’s been a dream forever. Money allows me to do it, but it isn’t the drive behind it.

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