With Season 11 only days away from kicking off in Fortnite Battle Royale, Team Liquid professional player Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo has listed all of the changes he wants Epic Games to implement.

Season 11 of Fortnite is just around the corner, and almost everyone is understandably excited to see what lays in store for them once it launches.

After a turbulent, up-and-down Season 10, many want to see some major changes made to the popular battle royale title, as well as things added that will improve the game.

One player who has been very specific about what adjustments he wants to see from Epic is Chap, a longtime member of Team Liquid’s pro Fortnite roster.

In a recent tweet, Chap presented his wish list for the new season and included nine specific changes that he’s “praying for.”

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Liquid Chap has been around the competitive Fortnite scene for a while now (Team Liquid – YouTube)

The two things he wants to see most, which he emphasized by listing them first and in all capitalized letters, are a new map and a field-of-view slider.

It’s highly unlikely that an FOV slider will be added anytime soon, whereas adding a new map is far from being out of the question.

A plethora of leaks and rumors have surfaced lately indicating that the event marking the end of Season 10 and launch of Season 11, which is called ‘The End,’ will also be the end for the current map.

The only question remains whether there will be a whole new map added in its place, or if Epic will just make drastic changes to what is already there, such as replacing several existing locations with brand new ones.

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The End event in Fortnite is expected to drastically change the map (Epic Games)

As for the rest of Chap’s list, he would like to see the Heavy Sniper get either nerfed or vaulted, along with the Automatic Sniper Rifle and some of the pistols.

He also wants new mechanic features built in, such as sensitivity for building and editing on PC, as it already exists on console, and a release to edit option on all platforms.

Only time will tell if any of what the Liquid pro included on his list will be implemented in Season 11, because if Epic have been anything over the past two years, it’s unpredictable.

The new season is scheduled to kick off on Monday, October 14, following the conclusion of Season 10 on October 13.

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