On September 16 the #FreeMitr0 hashtag went viral after allegations surfaced that Dmitri ‘Mitr0’ Van de Vrie was stuck in a long term contract with Team Atlantis. A day later the organization issued an official statement alongside Mitr0 to address to the community.

2019 has been an exciting ride for Fortnite esports spanning from Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan, 16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf winning $3 million at the Fortnite World Cup, and it doesn’t seem like the drama is slowing down.

One of Fortnite’s leading professionals was in the spotlight on September 16 after several online personalities and pros began to tweet out the #FreeMitr0 hashtag, and alleging that he was being underpaid and stuck in a long-term contract with Team Atlantis.

It wasn’t until September 17 that we finally heard from the organization and the young Fortnite star, when they both released their own statements within minutes of each other.

Team Atlantis’ statement claims that while Mitr0 initially signed to a three-year contract that the player and his mother agreed to in September 2018. By January 2019, Mitr0 felt he outgrew the young organization and was seeking to find a new home.

Part of the statement says: “In September 2018, we signed a renewed contract, which Mitr0 and his mother were happy with. The contract secured a salary raise in January 2019, too. All parties at this time were happy with the contractual terms and conditions. All in all, Mitr0 and his mother has signed the contract 3 times with Team Atlantis.”

After failing to find the player a new organization, Team Atlantis and Mitr0 have agreed to mutually separate after the Fortnite Champion Series Finals conclude on September 22.

Mitr0’s statement is similar to Team Atlantis’ where they both agree that everybody agreed to the contract and there was no hostility.

While it seems like the situation between Mitr0 and Team Atlantis ended on an amicable note, we wonder where the Fortnite pro will land next?

Do you have any guesses on what organization will pick up Mitr0?