As with every new Fortnite update, Season 9’s first patch has come with a few leaks about upcoming content. The Tactical Assault Rifle is among the most interesting.

Season 9’s release is mixing up the Fortnite meta in a big way by removing the pump shotgun, buffing the Tactical Shotgun, and adding a new in-between ‘Combat Shotgun.’ It all makes decent sense from a balance perspective.

The meta may be changing even more in the coming weeks according to a new leak from the v9.00 files.

Tactical Assault Rifle leaked

A new weapon has been leaked in the v9.00 files. It seems that shotguns will not be the only class of weapons getting a mix up in Season 9.

Players have been complaining about the uselessness of Tactical Shotguns and the changes to the shotgun meta look decent on paper. The overall quality of the balancing remains to be seen.

The same can be said for the leaked Tactical Rifle, pictured here from a leak obtained by @FNBRHQ.

While no stats have been leaked for the weapon, we can speculate a little bit based on the images.

The gun has a long, extended clip and a ACOG sight. In addition to these features, the rifling and barrel of the weapon look more akin to a ‘carbine’ than an ‘assault rifle.’

From these details, we suspect that the Tactical Assault Rifle might be a faster firing AR that is meant as an effective counter Turbo Builders. Medium bullets do heavy damage to builds, but AR concentrated players cannot pierce built walls fast enough to deal damage.

The second option is quite the opposite. The Thermal AR and Suppressed AR were removed from the game for Season 9. The Tactical Assault Rifle may be a mix of the two. Allowing for accurate scoped fire from range with a better firing rate than the Thermal.

This isn’t a huge problem in Duos and Squads as you can team-shot the walls, but in Solos the only option is to have a SMG or Drum-Gun alongside you. The Drum Gun was nerfed in the v9.00 patch.

What do you think of this new assault rifle and how you do think it will fit into the new meta? Tell us in the comments below.