Last week, we decided to start experitmenting a little with Twitter polling and the community definitely showed up. The results were generally positive and we’d like to compare these to our thoughts on the weapon.

The Tactical Assault Rifle released last week and we made two Twitter asking our community about their thoughts on the weapon. Both of these polls came out with positive leanings, but we wanted to do a proper comparison.

Additionally, we’ll compare the opinions of our community (that’s you, dear reader!) and our own opinions on the new weapon.

Tactical Assault Rifle Twitter Polls

We released two 24 hour Twitter polls asking about the quality of the Tactical Assault Rifle release when it released.

The turnout for the polls was quite good with several thousand votes cast on the first and second polls.

The first poll gave us a pretty good idea that the community liked the gun. You can see the breakdown above.

If we take a look at the positive vs. negative vote ratios, you will see that 83% of players favored the new weapon and only 17% were against its addition.

So, for Epic Games, it was a perfectly clean release as opposed to the Combat Shotgun disaster.

Our second poll was little bit different with only three options. We’ll call these positive, neutral, and negative responses for our analysis.

The breakdown is exactly the same if we move the ‘Alright’ into the positive category, 83% vs. 17%. However, the ‘Alright’ is more of a neutral answer. So, let’s split it’s contents with a positive favor.

We’ll put 2/3 (30%) of the neutral answers into our positive pool and 1/3 (15%) into the negative pool. This gives us a ratio of 68% positive to 32% negative.

Keep in mind that the second poll was released about a day later. Additionally, the wording of the second poll doesn’t necessarily state that the weapon is ‘bad’, but rather overrated.

The polls were just a fun experiment and not meant to be scientific, but looking at the trends and numbers is fun all the same. Now, let’s compare your collective opinions to the power of the weapon and our own opinions at FortniteINTEL.

Tac AR Stats & FortniteINTEL’s Opinions

Before we give our opinions, let’s take a quick look at the stats of the Tactical Assault and compare them directly with the stats of the AR and Suppressed Submachine Gun.

‘Stats don’t matter’ – Guy who lost every sports bet

Damage-per-second is a great stat to look at because it tracks the overall performance of weapons. The SMG beats out both the ARs in pure DPS at close range.

However, falloff is much faster for the SMGs and destroying builds/damaging players from a range can make the SMG do single digit damage.

The Tactical AR doesn’t have this problem (as much) and begins to falloff much more gradually. It’s best used that the medium-close range, just beyond the SMGs, but before the ARs.

John Wick’s choice…who are you to turn this down?

Bloom is the major equalizer for the Tactical Assault Rifle. The bloom is much tighter than the ARs. This allows you to ‘spray-and-pray’ much more efficiently.

Don’t get us wrong, the weapon still gets destroyed by the Scar at medium to long range. Keep in mind that not everyone is a pro and will miss a lot of shots. A regular AR requires patience and great aim, the Tactical Assault allows for a more…aggressive touch.

The Tac Rifle’s main competitor

One major thing to account for is the Drum Gun…it still reigns supreme even with the nerfs. The Tac Rifle can blast through the Drum Gun from time to time, but at close range…you have no chance. Try to stay at a distance if you see a Drum Gun user.

You might even say it’s a…robust and precise weapon for that niche close to medium range fight.

Our official opinion on the weapon is all around simple. We believe Epic has created a great niche weapon for a range that didn’t have a weapon before this.

Competing weapons can be hard to balance (Burst AR vs. Regular AR), but when you shift the parameters into a zone where nothing exists…voila!

The implementation precisely fits into the narrative of the gameplay meta and flows well. You don’t feel like ‘not this gun again’ when you open a chest with this in it.