Some players have noticed that skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite feels a bit looser. Streamer SypherPK is one of them.

Adding skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) to Fortnite was one of the more controversial moves Epic has made. A lot of people were in favor of the shift while others found it unnecessary.

For some, skill-based matchmaking made Fortnite a lot easier. Players were getting their first wins because they were in lobbies with bots and similarly unskilled players.

For others, SBMM made the game a lot harder. There were ‘sweats’ everywhere and it was difficult to get a moment to breathe. Public matches began to feel like Arena without siphon.

Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking faze thiefs
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I fell into the latter camp. I found myself in solo matches where 60% of the players seemed to be better than I was. A lot of streamers felt the same way and longed for the days when the bulk of the lobby were free kills.

Since Chapter 2 has progressed, it seems like Epic has adjusted SBMM – loosening the restrictions a bit. Popular streamer SypherPK noticed this change as well and detailed as much during one of his streams.

“I think they changed the matchmaking,” Sypher said. “There’s always going to be players that are questionable or not as good. But today I’ve noticed an increase – just a huge increase – in the amount of free kills.”

(1:39 for mobile viewers)

Epic has been tight-lipped on everything with Fortnite Chapter 2, and never gave us the metrics on MMR (matchmaking rating) and SBMM in the first place. Has Epic loosened the restrictions?

It would make sense for them to open things up – at least at the higher levels. Strict SBMM leads to long queue times, slow gameplay, and an increase in stream snipers for those who promote Fortnite on Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Have you noticed a change in SBMM? Have games gotten easier or more difficult for you? Let us know in the comments.

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