Epic Games has long been adamant about never creating a separate loot pool for competitive Fortnite. SypherPK used the recent Boom Bow removal from Team Rumble to point out their hypocrisy.

Many competitive players have been pleading with Epic Games to create separate loot pools for casual and competitive. Epic’s response has been a stern “NO!” throughout the past months of debate.

Yet, Epic Games has been completely fine with creating differing game balance with its Team Rumble mode. The mode is considered by many to be the most casual mode Fortnite BR has to offer.

Separate Loot Pools for Team Rumble…

It would be one thing if Epic stayed consistent with its stance for no separate loot pools, but they’ve let slip their hypocrisy on the matter.

For context, here’s an excerpt from a competitive Fortnite blog post from Epic about separate loot pools.

‘Q: Are you guys considering a separate loot pool for Arena/competitive?

A: “Not at the present time.

Having the same core battle royale game played by players of all skill levels is healthy for the overall state of the game and keeps competition open, approachable, and for both players and viewers.

We aim at one game, however we occasionally make exceptions (such as Siphon), but our threshold for branching core gameplay is very high. It’s up to us to find new directions for balance that reward players at every skill level, while not creating negative experiences for different groups. Even as Epic focuses on competitions where all are welcome to play in familiar ways, we’ll also be continuing to add tools that will allow players to customize their experience to fit their personal preferences and the way they would most like to play.”

Epic Games states that their ‘threshold for branching core gameplay is very high’, but we would argue that the threshold has been passed several times over.

Proximity Grenade Launchers, Vaulted Pumps, Storm Flips, etc. have pushed the core experience to become too RNG-focused and too casual for a competitive setting. This is why pro players want a separate loot pool.

In a debatable reversal of the above policy, Epic Games created a independent change to the Team Rumble mode.

SypherPK points the hypocrisy

Due to this “logic” from Epic Games to remove the Boom Bow from a respawn mode for doing enough damage to one-shot, SypherPK decided to point out the ridiculous hypocrisy.

Thought you guys would appreciate this. Sypher uploaded this today. from r/FortniteCompetitive

As SypherPK says, why would Epic think that the damage is too much for respawn modes, but not for core BR modes? “I have to start a new game!” he states as the consequence for getting hit by a single Boom Bow shot.

It would be enlightening to see Epic a give response to this flawed logic debate. Perhaps we can expect more on this and competitive loot pools in the next competitive blog post?

What are your thoughts on the Boom Bow’s removal and Epic’s unwillingness to create a dedicated competitive loot pool? Tell us in the comments below.