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SypherPK fires back at those blaming him for the return of SBMM

SypherPK responds to community claims that he triggered the return of skill-based matchmaking in Fortnite.



The reported return of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) in Fortnite has whipped the community into a frenzy. Just when we thought that skill-based matchmaking was gone forever, Epic reportedly re-enable the system.

All of this comes from anecdotal evidence. Players feel as though they’re getting into more difficult games than they were a few days ago. At the time, however, there were far more bots in each lobby. Epic could have readjusted SBMM or, simply, added more real players. We don’t – and probably won’t – know for sure.

This is where SypherPK comes into the story. He was widely credited with helping trigger some of the positive changes we saw: nerfing Heavy Snipers, attempting to address aim assist, listening to the community, sending small patch notes, etc.

Epic made these positive changes after this video received some massive attention in the community. It might not be the sole reason that SBMM was removed, but the support on the video likely helped influence the decision.

When SBMM was removed, we saw a massive influx of bots in the Squads playlist. It’s often difficult to tell whether someone is a bot or just a bad player, but one of Sypher’s subscribers made a program to detect bots.

The program found that up to 90 players in each match were bots. This is a huge problem, as there’s not satisfaction in killing a bot who doesn’t build or barely defends themself. It’s not gratifying to win a game that’s populated with fake players.

Sypher made a couple of videos on this topic, including one with Ninja. The two discussed the idea of re-implementing SBMM into the game with a new, looser system. This could help reduce the number of bots, help new players, and keep the “old school” Fortnite vibe that everyone misses.

When players began to notice the reported reintroduction of skill-based matchmaking on May 11, Sypher became the main target of online hate. The hashtag #f**ksypher started to trend on Twitter, blaming Sypher for Epic’s decision to bring this system back.

Sypher saw this hubbub and responded with several tweets, a Twitter video, and a YouTube video.

The sentiment of his responses clarified that Sypher was never a fan of skill-based matchmaking, as the record reflects. He was, simply, trying to find a solution to the system that didn’t involve 60-90% of Fortnite matches being filled with AI players.

“I have people messaging me, ‘My career is over because of SypherPK,'” the streamer told his Twitch chat and YouTube audience. “Because AI have been reduced or removed, careers are now over? People – for some reason – think that I am responsible? … This is the most bizarre situation I’ve ever seen.”

Sypher’s defense is clear: he has always been against SBMM and never wanted it added back into Fortnite. His only problem was with the number of bots in each match, which has little to do with skill-based matchmaking.

“To the content creators that have legitimate followings … who came after me: you guys need to understand that you have influence,” Sypher explained.

“You can’t just be tweeting things out – especially things so aggressive like an f- Sypher hashtag – and to point your audience at somebody who literally has only good intentions for Fortnite … I’m trying to help you, and a lot of you turned on me when given the opportunity without doing any research.”

Sypher has been widely considered as the ‘voice of reason’ in the Fortnite community. He’s not one for hot takes and spur-of-the-moment outbursts. He has always had a reasonable opinion on controversial Fortnite topics like SBMM, aim assist, new items, etc.

Epic are, clearly, listening to community feedback on all fronts. They made it evident that they were tweaking skill-based matchmaking. It’s doubtful that their ultimate goal was to stuff every match with 60 to 90 bots. That’s not what they wanted and not what regular players want.

We’ll have to see how the SBMM system plays out, but Sypher will make it through to the other side. This seems to be a small controversy that’s isolated to Twitter and doesn’t tell the whole story. Sypher will continue to be one of the most reasonable Fortnite creators on the platform, despite the hate he’s getting on this one.


SypherPK, Loserfruit, and other Fortnite Creators receive mysterious DVDs of Crop Circle footage

Several DVDs containing crop circle footage have been sent out to Fortnite creators following the leak of an imminent alien invasion.



fortnite crop circle dvds

Just after Fortnite update v16.50 revealed an impending alien invasion, content creators started to receive mysterious DVD players containing DVDs of crop circle footage.

Fortnite v16.50 threw players a curveball once dataminers revealed that aliens would be invading the game. Starting towards the end of Chapter 2 Season 6, UFOs will randomly abduct players and teleport them to different locations on the map. There are also various quests that point towards the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms.

A lot of fans are speculating that this means Season 7 will be themed around aliens. However, there’s more than just datamined files that suggest this. A few Fortnite content creators have received packages in the mail containing portable DVD players and a DVD titles “They’re Coming”.

Crop Circle DVDs might be related to Fortnite

Creators AussieAntics and Martyn Littlewood were among the first to post about the mysterious DVD players. According to them, there was no indication it was from Epic Games or related to Fortnite. However, only people who are notable Fortnite creators received these packages.

It was later confirmed that LoserFruit, a creator who has her own Fortnite skin, also received a similar package. She shared footage of the DVD while streaming on Twitch. Streamer SypherPK also received a DVD player and shared the crop circle footage with his stream as well. Interestingly enough, each creator’s DVD showed a different crop circle located somewhere in the real world.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation from Epic Games or Fortnite that this is related to the game, this wouldn’t be the first time Fortnite dabbled in alternate-reality teasers. For Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5, Epic Games erected several real-world statues and riddled secret codes within the game. This is seemingly another stunt to raise anticipation for Chapter 2 Season 7.

With Season 7 being a few days away, Fortnite is starting to hype up its arrival. It’s no coincidence that the discovery of aliens coming to Fortnite occurred simultaneously to creators receiving crop circle footage. Season 7 starts on June 8 when Fortnite is invaded by aliens.

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Clix promises change following backlash from controversial laxative tweet

Cody “Clix” Conrod promisesto be more mature while streaming and on social media following his Fortnite Creator Code being disabled.



NRG Clix Fortnite

After Pro Fortnite player and Cody “Clix” Conrod had his Support-a-Creator code disabled, he promises to start being more mature while streaming and on social media.

16-year-old Conrod posted a tasteless tweet on May 11, 2021, that involved putting laxatives in a girl’s drink without her knowledge. While the tweet was meant as a joke, Epic Games saw it as unacceptable behavior from someone representing its platform.

As a result of the tweet, Epic Games disabled Clix’s Fortnite Creator Code and also removed Clix’s name from featured creative maps. Soon after facing these repercussions, Clix posted a series of remorseful tweets stating that he knew what he had tweeted was wrong.

Clix’s now-deleted laxative tweet

Clix promises to be more mature

A few days after his Creator Code was disabled, Clix posted another tweet promising a change. He stated that he would be more mature during streams and on all social media platforms. Clix stated, “I just love f*cking around and being myself, but with the huge community I have, I needa start setting an example.”

Clix has amassed 3.9M followers on Twitch and 1.7M on Twitter. Many of his followers believe his actions weren’t “that bad” or that they should be excused because of his age. However, Clix now seems to understand the responsibility that comes with having such a massive following.

As of right now, Epic Games hasn’t re-enabled Clix’s code, and his name is still removed from several featured maps. It’s unknown how much Clix will suffer financially from the loss of his code. Fellow NRG member and Fortnite streamer Ronaldo recently revealed that he hadn’t even seen $1M from his creator code. Yet, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins claims he was able to make $5M from his code in a single month.

It’s too early to see if Clix will keep his promise to become a more mature streamer. His sorrowful tweets could be a knee-jerk reaction to facing backlash. Or, it could be the product of self-reflection. Only time will tell whether Clix is really turning over a new leaf, or if his immature sense of humor will get the best of him.

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Ninja claims he made $5M from his Fortnite Creator Code in a single month

During his return to Fortnite, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins claimed he once made $5M in a single month from his Creator Code.



tyler ninja blevins fortnite

During a recent stream on Twitch, gaming superstar Tyler “Ninja” Blevins claimed that he made $5 million in a single month through Fortnite’s Creator Code program.

Epic Games first introduced the Support-a-Creator code program back in 2018. In the middle of Chapter 1 Season 6, players could enter a code while purchasing items from the shop. A small portion of each sale would then go to the creator whose code was used.

This eventually branched out into other games owned by Epic Games. Rocket League content creators and streamers have their own codes that can be used in the item shop. While it isn’t too difficult to qualify for a Fortnite Creator Code, it takes a lot to turn a decent profit.

Ninja makes $5M from Fortnite Creator Code

Yesterday, May 13, 2021, Ninja returned to Fortnite live for the first time in months. While playing with pro-player NRG Ronaldo, the two started to discuss wages earned from their Creator Codes. Ninja stated, “I think the most I’ve ever made in a month off of the Creator Code was like five-mil. I’m not joking.

While there hasn’t been any physical evidence showing that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has made this much money, it wouldn’t be surprising. Ninja was once the largest streamer on Twitch and has made multiple million-dollar deals since his peak.

Ninja has proven in the past that he is more than capable of taking advantage of situations like the Fortnite Creator Code program. When Twitch introduced its Prime Subscriptions, fellow streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek accused Ninja of sub botting. When in reality, Ninja continuously plugged and encouraged his viewers to sign up for Twitch Prime and use their free subscriptions on his stream.

Since returning to Twitch after being bought out of his contract with Mixer, Ninja has seemed quiet compared to his career’s peak. He’s no longer flossing by himself in Time Square or playing Fortnite at Coachella.

That being said, Ninja’s remarkable gaming career has yet to be matched by someone else. Even with the likes of Grefg pulling millions of viewers in a single stream, or Dr. Lupo who raises millions of dollars a year for charity. Ninja’s presence in the media outside of gaming is what separates him from the rest of the gaming community.

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