Sven ‘Svennoss’ Edelenbosch posted a lengthy TwitLonger on July 8 calling out TheFortniteGuy for allegedly spreading misinformation and inaccurate reporting.

One of Fortnite’s popular content creators, Svennoss, had a lot to say about TheFortniteGuy claiming the YouTuber was guilty of skipping over evidence and twisting words regarding the community and different topics.

TheFortniteGuy has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 65,000 followers on Twitter, which certainly isn’t a small following.

The YouTuber has covered several hot Fortnite topics like Xxif cheating in the Online Opens, Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan, and Kreo’s scandal with account scamming. Some of his videos have reached over 2 million views.

What did Svennoss say?

Netherland’s Svennoss claims that the YouTuber has taken “juicy” stories and posted videos without proper investigation.

Within his TwitLonger post, Svennoss includes several pictures and reddit posts to back up his points.

The post also includes allegations of TheFortniteGuy being previously involved in the Overwatch community going by the username of ‘mykl’.

Allegations suggest that TheFortniteGuy purposely leaked competitive Overwatch roster moves, which coincidentally gave him a bad reputation in that community.

Later in the post, Svennoss claims that TheFortniteGuy’s video on Kreo with a list of inaccuracies and “lies” including time stamps.

Netherlands’ personality ended the post with his thoughts on TheFortniteGuy claiming he has a young audience and has no idea on the amount of damage he can do.

As of writing, TheFortniteGuy has not responded to Svennoss’ TwitLonger.

Without knowing the YouTuber’s response, we do not know weather Svennoss will post more information or move on.

We will update you on any changes to the story if they happen.

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