The SCAR has a new rival in terms of versatility following the addition of the Suppressed Assault Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

After being added to the title in the recent V5.50 Content Update on September 11, fans and players have already expressed their excitement for the Suppressed AR.

It did not take long for community members to start comparing the two weapons in order to determine which variation is best for various in-game situations such as damage over distance, fire rate, and more.

Reddit user /u/QuadronTV created a useful side-by-side video which provides an in-depth look at the two weapons and allows players to conclude which AR fits their playstyle.

While the SCAR does deal a considerable amount of damage with a tighter bloom, the Suppressed AR allows users to be much more accurate over a longer range while being quiet in the process.

A short clip can be viewed below from the original Reddit post on r/FortniteCompetitive.

It is recommended that players use the Suppressed AR with a ‘semi-auto’ fire rate at mid-range to long-range distances, rather than going fully-automatic.

The full video can be viewed below, which also includes the Rare (Blue) Assault Rifle and Rare Silenced Pistol.

Source: GizmoSlipYT (Reddit | YouTube)

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