In today’s grand final for the Summer Skirmish, the prizes go up to $225,000 – and each win will net the player an additional $25,000.

1st Place – $225,000 USD

2nd Place – $180,000 USD

3rd Place – $135,000 USD

4th Place – $120,000 USD

5th Place – $105,000 USD

6th Place – $67,500 USD

7th Place – $52,500 USD

8th Place – $37,500 USD

9th Place – $30,000 USD

10th Place – $22,500 USD

11th to 15th Place – $15,000 USD

16th to 20th Place – $11,250 USD

21st to 100th Place – $5,000 USD

This means that everyone who made it to the grand finals will be walking away with AT LEAST $5,000 USD. Another announcement that was made was that every victory royale will net each player an additional $25,000 USD.

Isn’t that crazy!? The Summer Skirmish Grand Final is now live on Fortnite’s twitch account from PAX West, hosted by Dr. Lupo and OpTic CouRage. You can make sure to stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for the latest news straight from the final, including the winners!

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