Fortnite players at the highest levels are desperate for an edge over their competitors and some have found that edge through changing the resolution of their monitors.

First, let’s start with the basics. Fortnite – and most games – run on a resolution of 16:9. Usually, that ratio is achieved with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Stretched resolution is lowering that ratio to have the game be distorted along the X-axis. The most common stretched resolution is probably 4:3 (1440 x 1080). People also play on 5:3 and 5:4 as well.

The most recent big name to adopt a stretched resolution is FaZe Clan star Tfue. In a recent stream, he said, “I’m like pissed off that you guys made me play stretched because now I realize how broken it is and I don’t want to get off of it.”

So what makes stretched resolution better than normal?

There are a couple reasons pros have cited as the reason they prefer stretched to normal. Some are legitimate changes in what is shown on screen and some focus more on the mental aspect of perception.

Vertical Field of View

This is the main area that is changed with stretched resolution. By tightening the resolution the y-axis of the screen is effectively widened.

While the crispness of the far sides of the x-axis are sacrificed, this added area to the vertical FOV helps a lot in build battles.

Because that is such a large part of competitive Fortnite it makes sense that a lot of the big names are adopting the new resolution to be more aware in those crucial close quarter situations.

Character Hitboxes

In CS:GO players have been stretching the game to widen player hitboxes for a long time. Epic clearly was aware of that fact and they made sure that stretching resolution in Fortnite does not work the same way.

In Fortnite players do get stretched wider but they also lose some height. This makes the hitboxes either the same total width or maybe even a bit less. Wictor1992 broke down the differences between the two games in a comprehensive Reddit post.

Even if the hitbox isn’t actually larger, if players feel like it is then that can be more valuable than the change of a couple pixels. That brings us to our final point.


More important than the FOV or change in hitbox is how it feels to play on a stretched resolution. In many games changing the camera settings can be a key to getting out of a slump and the same is true in Fortnite.

If you feel better playing on a stretched resolution, you will play better and be more successful. That is the simple reason that most pros are choosing stretched. They feel cleaner on it and the ultimate reason may not have any rhyme or reason, quantifying a player’s perception of the game is nearly impossible.

Do you play on stretched resolution or native? Why?

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