When an update took away the ability to create custom resolutions in Fortnite, many pros were unhappy, but now stretched resolution may be coming back.

For those unfamiliar with the feature, stretched resolution is basically changing your resolution off of the standard 16:9 and usually to something like 4:3.

This brings a couple of key benefits. First it increases the vertical field of view, that provides more area of the screen to look at which can help a lot in build battles moving quickly upwards.

The other benefit is mostly perception based. In CS:GO players were able to actually widen hit boxes with stretched resolution. In Fortnite hit boxes can be widened, but players lose height making it the same total size no matter how stretched it gets.

The difference between stretched and native resolution. Credit: TheGameHaus

Still some prefer the shorter, wider opponents vs. the normal hit boxes everyone is playing on now.

Stretched resolution was disabled because of viewership concerns. It makes the game look a bit ‘off’ and so Epic didn’t want all the major streamers and competitive events to be played on that version of the game.

Why Stretched Resolution May be Coming Back

A user on /r/FortniteCompetitive sent in a support ticket to Epic Games and the reply from “Lex V” indicated a return of custom resolutions to the game.

Stretched Resolution Coming Back? I emailed epic about FOV and motion sickness and they said this.. from r/FortniteCompetitive

That response appears to indicate a return of stretched resolution to Fortnite. Now unfortunately this hasn’t come from the most official of sources.

This is the first mention of a return of custom resolutions to the game. Either this person made a mistake in their reply by announcing something that hadn’t been announced previously, or they made a mistake in their language and stretched resolution isn’t actually returning.

So either way there was a mistake made, now it just comes down to which one it was. For fans of stretched resolution hopefully it was the former, but it doesn’t seem likely with the World Cup on the horizon.

Epic could force the World Cup to be played on normal resolution while still providing stretched resolutions but it seems more likely they would just wait until after the World Cup to bring the feature back.

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