Fortnite pro Zayn continues to infect other streamers with his ban

Fortnite pro player Zayn continues to get other streamers banned by playing with them. This time, Clix was the victim of playing with the banned Fortnite pro.

Ninja wants bots out of high-level Fortnite games

The skill-based matchmaking system in Fortnite introduced bots to all levels of gameplay. Ninja thinks the highest level of Fortnite should be bot-free.

NickMercs ranks all shotguns in Fortnite

NickMercs has been outspoken about his love for the Tactical shotgun this season but has recently changed his rankings of the best...

Myth killed by blatant hacker while talking about FaZe Jarvis

Hacking and using an aimbot have been two common topics of conversation since FaZe Jarvis was permanently banned. Myth got in on the discussion, only to be killed by another hacker.

Zombie gets hilarious revenge on toxic Fortnite player

Jump-scare zombies usually don't help the Fortnite experience. One lucky streamer was treated to sweet, sweet vengeance at the hands of one of these undead allies.

Epic Games responds to FaZe Jarvis Fortnite ban

Epic Games has responded to the FaZe Jarvis ban, opening up about their decision to ban the Fortnite player and what his future may hold.

Tfue loves the new Harpoon Gun in Fortnite

Tfue might not be known as one of the most positive Fortnite players in the community. Despite that, he's entirely on board...

Fortnite Pro FaZe Jarvis permanently banned for aimbot

Professional Fortnite player and content creator FaZe Jarvis has been permanently banned from Fortnite for using an aimbot.FaZe...

NICKMERCS explains why the blue Tac is the best shotgun in...

From all of the shotguns available in Fortnite Chapter 2, star Twitch streamer Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has revealed his favorite to be...

Death Zone found in new Fortnite map

Fortnite players have been surprised to learn there is a death zone on the new Fortnite map.