Netflix is launching a Season 3 Stranger Things Fortnite collaboration in the near future. A leak from verified data miners has revealed a few of the skins we can expect to see in the crossover event.

The last major crossover event which brought characters from another universe into Fortnite was John Wick X Fortnite. Epic even released a further addition to that set with the launch of the Sofia skin.

Stranger Things X Fortnite will likely follow a similar path as other crossovers. We might see an LTM, but nothing has been announced on that front. However, new leaks have revealed the first looks at Stranger Things cosmetics.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Skin Leaked

Stranger Things isn’t exactly the most child friendly show on the Internet, but that hasn’t the stopped the collaboration from going forward. Naturally, the more grotesque and mature elements of the series will not be directly shown in-game.

New leaks from @FortTory, @s110x, and @iFireMonkey have given us the first glimpses at the incoming Stranger Things skins.

First up, the Demogorgon! We were hoping to see this skin and included it in our recent wishlist for the event. Of course, we expected a more cartoony version than the series, but the end result is still vividly horrifying. Anything with a face that opens from all sides to uncover a massive maw of sharp teeth will send us running and screaming.

To lighten the mood, iFireMonkey went ahead and gave a short video of the Demogorgon doing the silly Crabby Emote dance. In all honesty, we’re even more disturbed by this Upside-Down creature now than we were before. That’s a face not even a mother could love.

As for the quality of the skin, on initial viewing, we’d have to say the Epic art team has nailed this one. This version of the Demogorgon is much cleaner than the messy Stranger Things edition, but it fits well into Fortnite’s design scheme. Most importantly, it’s instantly recognizable to fans of the series.

Stranger Things Chief Hopper Skin Leaked

Moving onto the second leaked skin, Chief Hopper will also arrive as Stranger Things X Fortnite launches. We’re extremely excited as it’s another one of our wishes and we’ve seen many community members also pining for his appearance.

Again, the skin accurately replicates the look of Hopper while also settling in well with other Fortnite content. He wears the same trooper shirt he can been seen with in the series and sports policing paraphernalia all over the model.

As of the morning of July 4th, we don’t have more information about the Stranger Things X Fortnite event. We’ll relay all information about the start times and dates once we have them.

For now, players can experience the first teaser crossover content already. Mysterious Upside-Down portals have appeared around the map. These serve as two-way teleportation doors similar to the classic Halo teleporters.

Are there any other characters from the Stranger Things mythos that you would like to see in Fortnite? We’ve certainly got Joyce (Winona Ryder) high on our list of hopefuls. We’ll just have to wait and see!