So many leaks in v9.30 it’s been hard to keep up, but one of the largest is a new Stranger Things event.

The popular Netflix show that focuses on supernatural events happening to a small town in the 80s is returning for a third season on July 4th.

At the same time, Fortnite will be beginning an event around the show according to data files found by Lucas Yoshi.

This event was already teased by Netflix during E3, but full information on the crossover wasn’t available.

The addition of the same ice cream shop as the show was certainly a key indicator but we didn’t know if it would end up being more than that.

Their use of the old and decommissioned Fortnite logo also made the event seem less official when that news came out.

Thanks to these data files, we know we will be getting a set of Stranger Things skins as well as a unique event.

One of those skins is going to be the Demogorgon, the key villain in Season One.

The skin we didn’t know we needed

That skin was found by Lucas Yoshi and is the only one with enough key info in the text string to tell us what it is.

Other skins will probably also be added to the game, personally, I’m hoping for one based on Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven.

She’s got some crazy stuff in store for this season

Sounds for an event were also found in the files. Indicating an upcoming LTM for the event.

They are labelled just as “Weird Objects” but that apparently is also similar to what the Stranger Things set was found under so data miner FortTory is making the connecting between these sounds and the set:

As with all stories on leaks, these are still unconfirmed as of writing. We will almost certainly be getting skins from Stranger Things in the game but just because something is found in the game files doesn’t make it a guarantee to be added.

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