People in every competitive game love to see their stats so they can see just how well they did, this concept would give them a lot more options.

Right now Fortnite’s stats are pretty rudimentary. You’ve got kills per game and placements to go with wins.

This concept would add in stats like distance travelled, damage/kills done per weapon, and materials used.

A final screen was mocked up by easkate and posted to Reddit.

More in-depth post-game stats UI! from r/FortNiteBR

The look of it is super clean and definitely feels like something Epic could add to Fortnite in the future.

Having more stats would help players get better with their games. Epic would be able to take player averages and people could see if they collect less mats than the average or build less.

That could help players identify weak points in their game and make them a better player overall.

It would also be cool to see who the best players are with each individual weapon. Daequan was well known for his shotgun play and it would be cool to see where he ranks on the list of the most kills with a shotty. Same would apply to Liquid Vivid and the SMG, players would be able to build more of their identities along with their favorite weapons.

The other great thing added stats would do is help increase what details casters can give on broadcasts. In traditional sports, stat comparisons make up a ton of talk about who the best players are and that could be the same for Fortnite.

What do you think about this concept? Do you want more stats given in Fortnite in general?

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  1. Mitch, seriously, and every other article writer, quit fucking posting shit Reddit concepts. We literally don’t care man. Hence why Fortnite insider is doing a much better job than all of you!

      • Maybe because I still prefer this website every now and then but regardless, I am saying what everyone else has been saying. Constant concept articles are annoying. Plus I can go back and forth as I please. Does my comment hurt you in some way?

        • It doesn’t hurt me in any way possible. But you do have a good point. Just ignore the concept articles, and they’ll stop doing them eventually, because nobody would be reading them.

          • I try to man but it’s so consistent! Oh well, you’re right though, I do need to ignore em completely like the other folks 🙂 I just keep finding myself going back to this website cause it was really good!

          • I don’t see you writing any articles, so as far as i’m Concerned you have no room to talk. Your hateful comments don’t achieve anything besides make you look like an asshole. If you don’t like the article then don’t read it, or keep your opinion to yourself. Nothing you say is going to change how a company or their employees do their job. It’s just makes you sound like a little punk.

            BTW I like this article, so you saying people don’t care, just makes you look like more of an ass.

          • I’m* concerned* It*

            Now that I got that out of the way, a C-.

            Opinions are meant to be expressed on a comment section you incompetent asshat. Literally.

            You’re probably like the 3% of the community that likes these articles then. Nothing bad. But the consistency of these idiotic concepts are pathetic. If it hurts your ass so much expressing what I say, you need a colonoscopy. Hopefully they find something that crawled up in there. 🙂 Good Day.

          • You must feel like such a badass for correcting my typos. 😂
            Your opinions in this comment section don’t make a difference Chief. Also I’d really like to see where you pulled this 3% statistic from. Maybe you need the colonoscopy, because i’m pretty sure you pulled that number out of your own ass.
            I don’t see you writing any better articles, nor do I see you writing for any company so it doesn’t look like you have any room to talk.

            Maybe you should get an endoscopy for all that bullshit that comes from your mouth.

            P.s: C- is still passing.


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