We recently got a glimpse at new audio files for the upcoming Loot Lake Rune event. With the release of v8.50, another data leak has revealed even more sound files for Loot Lake’s vault.

Every major event in Fortnite has received a lot of pre-event hype. This is manufactured by Epic Games via in-game events and through semi-intentional data leaks.

As v8.50 for Fortnite has released, so too new leaks have begun to surface. One of the most noteworthy leaks comes in the form of new audio files for upcoming Loot Lake event.

New Loot Lake Event Audio Files

We recently got a small glimpse at a set of audio files that will be used for the Loot Lake event. Most of those files had already been used earlier in the pre-event cycle (dig sites, Vault reveal, etc.).

A new leak from the v8.50 files has revealed brand new, unused audio files that have been linked to Loot Lake. The chances of these files not being used in the future for the Loot Lake vault event is minimal.

The leak comes from @Hypex on Twitter. Four separate files were found by the data miner. One for the ‘Grumpy’ event, one for the ‘Happy’ event, and two for the ‘Sneezy’ event. These names are code-names used to hide the true nature of the upcoming spectacle.

You can listen to all the files for yourself down below. Be sure to thank Hypex for the hard work once you are done!

Grumpy Event Sound File

Happy Event Sound File

Sneezy Event Sound File Part 1

Sneezy Event Sound File Part 2