Fortnite have added Sub-Region Matchmaking to Southeast Asia in an attempt to get the healthiest internet connection when playing the game.

Epic Games have now added Sub-Region Matchmaking into Southeast Asia – a process they describe as finding data-centers in the region and determining which will provide the healthiest internet connection.

It has been added in attempt to improve ping and latency, and other network related performance issues. Reducing lag is a big need for Fortnite right now, so it’s nice to see them working towards it.

Today, the Singapore data-center has been launched, and while Southeast Asia is the first to receive Sub-Region Matchmaking, Epic Games have plans to expand the feature worldwide after extensive testing.

As we expand this functionality to other regions, we will be able to both provide significantly better service to underserved areas as well as optimize the experience for players in regions which already operate out of multiple geographically distributed data-centers. We’ll continue to determine which regions would best benefit from additional data-centers and keep you updated on these new locations as we add them.

You can read more on the technical side of the new Sub-Region Matchmaking, as well as Epic Games’ plan to expand it worldwide in order to permanently make the networking side of Fortnite a healthier one.

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