Ever since vans started appearing all over the map through glitches and replays, players have been wondering when they are coming.

We predicted that they would be coming in Fortnite’s v8.20 update which is coming out on March 27th and a new leak seems to indicate that may be correct.

A leaker who goes by the name Knapperigeknaap posted audio files on their Twitter account which seem to show sounds tied to the Respawn Vans.

There are some reasons for skepticism on this leak.

Generally we have a list of leakers who have a proven track record over the seasons and when they post something, we can trust that it is accurate.

This account is not on that list. They have less than 20 followers on their account which caused some concern, but we felt this leak was valid for a couple reasons.

One, the account is new with the first tweet coming in March of this year which helps explain the lack of a following. Second, they have previous tweets that didn’t gain much traction but were verified by other leakers including fuel warning sounds and challenges.

Finally, by placing the text strings related to each file on the bottom of the leak, they helped remove ambiguity and showed exactly where they got the sounds from.

Couple those factors with the likelihood of Respawn Vans appearing in the next update, we believe these sounds will be going live in less than 24 hours.

Are you excited for the Respawn Vans in the game? Will it change what modes you play?

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