The recent v5.30 update for Fortnite Battle Royale prompted the rise of certain events, map changes and more in the way of the hidden lore of the game.

A notable map change was the destruction of Tomato Town – replaced by a forested cultist-base possibly dedicated to worshipping whatever fast food god there is.

However, while digging through the files of the game which were added alongside the update, data-miners noticed an upcoming event, nicknamed “Cube”. We do not know what will happen.

Today, lightning strikes have been consistently occuring from the rift in the sky, striking cacti and other locations across the Fortnite map in real-time. Is this a build-up to something much larger?

Near the end of Season 4, a large-scale event occured in the Fortnite map, with a nuclear missile launching into the sky, heading towards Tilted Towers then teleporting around the map before exploding in the atmosphere and causing a mystical interference throughout all of Season 5.

We do not know whether Cube will be another large-scale event such as the Rocket Launch, but we have newly-leaked audio relating to the event, and it sounds catastrophic.

The audio, leaked by @CrossLeaks, contains many different sounds such as rubble falling, thunderstorms hitting trees, loud distant explosions, teleporting sounds and much more. Have a listen for yourself – isn’t it fascinating?

The length of all the sounds put into one .mp3 file hits over 3 minutes long, which means that the event may either be spread out over a few days, or might be an extremely long event. Bigger and better than the Rocket Launch.

Cross also stated that there are 3 events that have been found in the files. One of which is happening right now (lightning strikes).

What do you think? Will the “Cube” event be a catastrophic end to Season 5, or another disappointing event? Let us know in the comments.