The Chicago-born rapper who goes by the alias ‘Soulja Boy’ continues to dig himself into a deeper hole in the technology business.

Soulja Boy told Complex in an interview that his next game console will support Epic Games’ Fortnite. A spokesperson for Epic was quick to shutdown these bogus claims.

Soulja Boy is currently a hot-topic due to selling knockoff game consoles. The SouljaGame brand seems to include illegal emulation software and non-licensed games.

via InThirdPerson

Soulja Boy’s SouljaGame and SouljaGame Handheld were cheap rip-offs of Nintendo’s Wii U and GameBoy, respectively. After heavy backlash from the public and a potential Nintendo lawsuit, Soulja Boy was forced to remove the products.

According to Complex, the rapper’s upcoming console will not only support 800 PlayStation 4 titles, but also Fortnite. DJ Akademiks asked Soulja Boy if Fortnite was one of the games included on the Soulja Console, to which he responded,

Yes, we’re working on it. Not this one, but on the next one you can.

Unsurprisingly, Nick Chester of Epic Games shot down this idea in a statement to DualShockers,

No, you can’t play Fortnite on a rooted or jailbroken device due to anti-cheat measures.

This statement assures the public that Epic Games has no plans to support Soulja Boy’s platform in Fortnite, and in-turn the Unreal Engine.

There is also no chance that the rapper could emulate or illegally run Fortnite on the console due to anti-cheat measures put in place by Epic Games.