The Battle Bus has always dropped players off in a diagonal path, but some Fortnite players think it is time for a new path.

Ever since the beginning of Fortnite Battle Royale, the Battle Bus has always flown across the map in a diagonal path in order to drop players around the island.

The way that players are dropped off sometimes leave them at a disadvantage as some locations can be further than others.

For example, if the battle bus is flying from The Block to the southern edge of Frosty Flights, then a player would not be able to reach Junk Junction with enough time to comfortably loot and rotate.

One Fortnite fan submitted a graphic to the FortniteBR subreddit with his idea to have the Battle Bus take a 40-degree turn at the halfway point of its flight.

Battle bus making a turn to evenly spread players around the map?? from FortNiteBR

Issabot8’s submission suggested that the Battle Bus would make a 40-degree turn each game, which would allow players to spread more evenly around the map.

The turn concept would also make it easier for players to travel to farther locations from the Battle Bus.

The graphic above shows how the proposed Battle Bus path would look for players, and it would certainly allow more players to land comfortably around the map.

Some players prefer to land at locations at the edge of the Fortnite map, like Paradise Palms or Snobby Shores, and this concept would certainly aid those players who like to land further away from the bus’s path.

Do you think this addition should be implemented by Epic Games, or do you prefer the current Battle Bus path?

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