We are nearing the end of Fortnite Season 9 with only two weeks remaining before we finally leave the single digit seasons.

Many people are focusing on the upcoming events. There’s the Cattus event set to take place this weekend and the Fortnite World Cup coming the weekend after.


But the end of the Fortnite season also marks a mad dash to finish out all the Season 9 Challenges. If you still have unfinished challenges eyeing you down, this article will serve as your one stop shop to finish everything you need.

How to complete all the Fortbyte Challenges

We are so close to finishing the full Fortbyte picture

No article would be complete without the key challenges of Season 9. The Fortbyte challenges were a new addition that have been a central focus all season.

Even though there were people killing other people as they try to complete them, and bugged challenges causing people headaches, the Fortbyte experience has largely been a positive one.

We have been covering each individual challenge as they have become available and you can search for any specific challenge in our search bar at the top. We also have every available challenge linked in this article. And don’t forget about the hidden Singularity skin styles that Epic doesn’t want you to know about, you can find the guide for those here.

That should provide you with the individual guide. If you are struggling to keep track of which ones you have completed and which ones you haven’t, this website does a great job of tracking all the challenges.

How to complete all the weekly challenges in Fortnite Season 9

It is safe to assume most people reading this website have probably completed their weekly challenges at this point. But if you haven’t, here are the cheat sheets you need to complete each individual week. These cheat sheets come from ItsEnergie who puts a ton of work into their cheat sheets each week:

Week 1 Challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Week 3 Challenges

Week 4 Challenges

Week 5 Challenges

Week 6 Challenges

Week 7 Challenges

Week 8 Challenges

Week 9 Challenges

Week 10 Challenges

Big S/O to ItsEnergie for taking the time to create such clean infographics.

How to Complete the Style Challenges for Fortnite Season 9

During Season 9, for the first time, Epic created variants of every single skin in the season. These variants provide unique looks or unlock parts of the skin like pickaxes and back bling as players complete more challenges.

There are seven sets of challenges for each of the seven skins. They unlock as a player completes the Battlepass.

There are no guides for these challenges because they relate to challenges above. You unlock all the styles by doing one of four things.

You either need to collect fortbytes, complete weekly challenges, gain experience or outlast opponents. The guide to do the first two are above while outlasting opponents and gaining experience just comes with grind and skill.

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