Data-miners have found files belonging to a “50 V 50 Solid Gold” LTM.

via @Vercyx

The mode was also added to SSO’s database.

According to u/Vercyx, the description of the mode is as follows:

“Two teams of fifty players fight to the finish! This mode has extra loot and resources, a storm that is more lethal, and a shorter match length time than the standard Battle Royale modes. Each team drops from their own Battle Bus. Get in and help your team to victory!”

We don’t exactly know what separates this LTM from other 50v50 variants, but from the name “Solid Gold”, we can imagine that the supposed “extra loot and resources” are limited to Legendary weapons such as the SCAR-based Assault Rifle, Combat SMG, Heavy and Double Barrel Shotgun, Heavy Sniper, etc.

There’s a lot of legendary weapons to play around with in Fortnite, so a 50v50 variant limiting all weapons to “Solid Gold” would be quite fun.

What do you think? Would you rather the LTM be a Solo/Squad variant? Do you like the idea of having legendary-only weapons? Do you even think the mode will be like that?

Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to know what you think of these upcoming limited-time modes.

The mode is the third of multiple 50v50 variants, such as the brand new LTM that was code-named “Velocity”. It seems that Epic Games have partaken to liking 50v50, so it’s no surprise we’ll see more adaptations of the mode in the future.