Analysts have an important and difficult job of sorting through thousands of stats to help improve a team’s performance. Heatmaps can help visualize the end results of a long term number crunch.

The Solo Qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup have now come to an end. Thousands of games of Fortnite have led to the final pack of players heading to the Solo Finals in New York.

With all the data from the 5 weeks of gameplay, analysts have put together detailed heatmaps for player landing spots. This can help you see the most effective and busy spots for competitive play in an instant.

Solary Analyst Creates Solos Heatmaps

Derkazzz is an analyst for the Solary esports organization and has been working on landing spot heatmaps since Week 3. These were created to help his players better understand hot spots at the beginning of qualifier matches.

While the information could have been kept private, the analyst has decided to release these heatmaps to the public. This will help casual, competitive, and professional players see large-scale landing location data in seconds.

From Derkazzz on Reddit:

Dear Fortnite players,

For those who don’t know me, I am Fortnite Analyst for Solary. As Solos WC qualifiers ended yersterday, it is time to share the work done over the past few weeks with u/AerocusFR about landingspots. These stats are the result of data gathered from ~100 uniques games for each session. (33% of final games). For each session, an heatmap and an histogram were build in order to find some landingspots trends between POI, and even within each POI (f.e. Pleasant Park, Paradise Palms, Lazy Lagoon…)

Heatmap : blue corresponds to a low density landingspot, then it comes to white and finally to red/black (high density landingspot)

Histogram : the blue value corresponds to the mean number of players within the POI, the bracket to standard deviation

Please do not judge the form, as this work is non official, it was not supposed to be published at the beginning. As soon as Duos are over, the same work but for Duos will be published. I hope you’ll find interesting things and that you’ll be able to see all the changes in Fortnite that occured during these WC qualifiers through this work!

Original Post: Fortnite World Cup Heatmaps

For your convenience, we’ve taken the collected heatmaps and histograms and put them into any easily viewable format. There’s no data for Week 1 as Drekazzz did not start this line of analysis until Week 3.

As some of the location names are in French, Derkazzz has created a map showing each location for us English speakers.

Map Location Reference Sheet

You can click on each image to take you to its media file page where you can zoom in as you please.

Week 3 Solos Heatmap & Histogram

Week 3 Heatmap
Week 3 Histogram

Week 5 Heatmap & Histogram

Week 5 Heatmap
Week 5 Histogram

Week 7 Heatmap & Histogram

Week 7 Heatmap
Week 7 Histogram

Week 9 Heatmap & Histogram

Week 9 Heatmap
Week 9 Histogram

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