For Day 12 of Winterfest, the new daily challenge tasks players with destroying Snowflake Decorations around the map, in return for a backbling reward.

This is one of the more time-consuming tasks of Winterfest, as you’ll have to traverse around the island to find at least three decorations to destroy the snowflakes.


Similar to other decoration-destroying challenges, the only tricky bit is actually finding them, and snowflake decorations are actually less common than you might expect.

They can be found at almost every POI on the map, but their spawns are not always consistent, so you may have to try a few spots if you’re not lucky on the first attempt.

The Snowflake Decoration task was also in 14 Days of Fortnite in 2018, but with a whole new map now for Chapter 2, the locations are obviously different.

They spawn at various POI’s but there are more in certain spots. For your best chance to find Snowflake Decorations, head to the spots marked on the map below.

Snowflake Decoration locations

  • Pleasant Park
  • Frenzy Farm
  • Salty Springs
  • Holly Hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Retail row
  • West of Weeping Woods

Once you’ve found and destroyed three of these decorations, either with a weapon or your pickaxe, the Winterfest challenge will be complete (provided you retrieved it from the stocking first).

Once done, you’ll be rewarded with the Snow Crystal Backbling, an epic rarity item.

Even if you don’t complete the challenge on Day 12, all of the Winterfest tasks will remain available to complete until January 7, shortly after the event itself has concluded.