The special 14 Days of Fortnite holiday event is well underway, with Friday, December 28 bringing in the tenth day of challenges and Limited Time Modes.

Players will need to land tricks at 10 different named locations dotted around the Fortnite map if they want to complete the challenges, but they can also hop into the newly returned Sneaky Silencers LTM mode if they would like a change of pace from regular Fortnite gameplay.

Sneaky Silencers, which has already been a LTM during 14 Days of Fortnite returned as a solo playlist, forcing players to use silenced weapons only as they attempt to secure a Victory Royale in this game mode.

Being sneaky and quiet is the key to victory in this mode, as you won’t be heard by enemies when firing – however this means that you also won’t hear any enemies firing at you until it’s too late.

While most are happy to see the return of the Sneaky Silencers LTM, what surprised people was the inclusion of a previously vaulted item in the mode, Smoke Grenades.

The Smoke Grenade is back in the Sneaky Silencer LTM

Smoke Grenades were placed into the Vault back in April 2018 because Epic Games felt that players weren’t using them enough to warrant them remaining in the game.

However, for those who did miss the item, they can now hop into Sneaky Silencers and get their hands on them, but only for a limited time.

What do you think of the Smoke Grenades being added to the Sneaky Silencers LTM? Would you like to see them brought back to the game for good? Let us know in the comments!

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