The sirens are starting, which can only mean one thing: the Fortnite rocket is about to launch.

We’re only a few days away from the Fortnite Season 10 event that looks to be the conclusion of Phase One of the Fortnite plotline. If rumors and leaks are correct, we’ll also be bidding farewell to the map we’ve been enjoying for two years.

The countdown on top of the rocket in Dusty Depot went live last weekend, which will hit 0:00:00:00 Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST.

This afternoon, though, players have noticed a familiar sound coming from Dusty Depot: the siren we heard one year and six seasons ago when the first rocket launched.

Fans, data miners, and theorists all agree that Season 11 will begin on the heels of this event. Supposedly, we’ll be transported to the in-between like we were during the Butterfly Event. From there, we’ll leave the map once and for all.

What lies ahead is anyone’s guess. The end is near, folks. Get your TLC in with this map while you still can.

Let us know your Fortnite Season 11 theories in the comments below!

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