Many Fortnite pros have come out saying that they will end their Fortnite career in favor of other games or casual streaming after the Fortnite World Cup. Former CSGO pro Shroud gave his opinion of the situation.


Fortnite professional players have been loud and clear about their discontent about how Epic Games in treating the competitive community. The attempts to ignore issues and keep casual aspects within competitive Fortnite has lead to adversity.

Shroud, considered among the best shooter players of all time, wanted to weigh in on the situation briefly. While Shroud isn’t a Fortnite player, his words do carry weight when it comes to esports.

Shroud doesn’t believe Fortnite Pros are quitting

Shroud, in a clip where he says he is thinking about playing Fortnite, mentioned that he doesn’t believe Fortnite pros are going to quit after the World Cup.

The reasoning behind his statement, while discussing with a fellow streamer, is that Epic Games will simply keep throwing more money at the competitive scene.

Prior to this, he does mention that he does agree that Epic Games just “doesn’t care” about the competitive Fortnite scene. This can be seen in Epic’s complete ignorance of competitive players asking for a competitive ruleset that doesn’t include new casual items and holds off on changes that might destabilize the game.

So, is Shroud right? Will Fortnite pros simply keep playing because Epic will throw even more money at the scene?

Competition is about more than money

While Shroud does make a good point that money is a strong motivator for competitors, he comes from a vastly different background.

Counter-Strike has actively supported a “competitive first” mentality for many years (with significant problems during the 1.6/Source days). He hasn’t experienced the type of absolute competitive neglect that Fortnite pros are experiencing.

Tfue has talked about quitting Fortnite after the World Cup – IMG: FaZe Clan

In addition, competing in esports or sports is about more than just money. It’s about feeling the thrill of the win and the skill/time it took to get you there. Fortnite doesn’t currently have that due to constant changes that delete massive chunks of gameplay knowledge while adding easier mechanics in their place.

While we do agree that pros with smaller followings will not quit Fortnite, we don’t agree with Shroud when it comes to big streamers like Tfue, Ninja, Myth, and others.

For them, it’s about much more than the money, AND they already have another source of “easy” cash flow. They can just continue to the game casually, raking the cash from viewers that love their personalities.

They have no real incentive to continue playing in the competitive Fortnite scene if Epic Games keeps treating them as they have been.

What do you think? Do you agree with Shroud that pros will not quit if Epic throws even more money at the scene? Or will pros simply stand their ground and leave Epic with significantly less Twitch capital?