Former CSGO pro & Twitch sensation, Shroud, thinks Epic Games would bring in tons of new players by introducing a new, no-building Fortnite mode.

Building has always been a core pillar of Fortnite’s gameplay, but many fans of other franchises grew weary of the mechanic as it became more and more prevalent. While some may view ‘no-building’ in a poor light, there’s a good argument to be made for a separate build-less experience.

Shroud, the Twitch star, discussed the possible benefits for Fortnite if Epic decided to add a ‘no-building’ experience. You may disagree, but we recommend hearing him out as he does bring up good points about potential growth for the game.

Shroud reveals his vision of a ‘no-build’ Fortnite

First and foremost, Shroud isn’t calling for the removal of all building from Fortnite. We’ve seen this argument spring up on several discussion boards and obviously such a move would completely destroy what Epic has built. Instead, the former pro wants to draw attention to alternate modes.

While playing Season X for the first time, Shroud was running through Tilted Town and began to discuss the concept. “This game would be so much more fun if you couldn’t build. Oh my god, I would love it.”

This sentiment has been shared by many former Fortnite players and those that prefer shooters over the ‘action-building’ experience. At its peak, the BR giant did have less building due to players being less experienced with the mechanics. Looking at the game from a CSGO player’s point of view does easily lead to the wanting of a full-on shooter version of the game.

Shroud went into more detail about his idea by describing a “maybe smaller scale map” that included a design where players could navigate without builds.

We would actually argue that the current map could be used in a no-building mode. Many of the slopes and hills can be traversed without builds. Those places that couldn’t be reached would simply become scenery in the new mode.

Shroud explains the benefits of adding a ‘no-build’ mode

Millions of potential players does sound quite enticing…

In wanting to carry his point home for both Fortnite and non-Fortnite viewers, Shroud went on to explain why he thinks something like this would succeed. While we’re fans of the base game, we can’t argue with the logic.

“The amount of new players they would get would be absurd” says Shroud. While Fortnite dominates the online multiplayer scene, there’s millions of players who would prefer an alternate playstyle. We agree with the streamer because Fortnite’s cosmetic and player support systems are the best in the industry hands down and players from other titles would love to get a piece of the ‘AAA’ battle royale experience.

Undeniably, there’s a portion of the community who would be against the addition of such a mode, but it’d be strange to see mass outrage as long as it was kept separate. Tilted Town did draw the ire of competitive fans due to its inclusion in the core modes and Arena.

A key point that Shroud didn’t get into was the timing of a ‘no-building’ mode release. In order to snatch away the most amount of potential players, Epic would need to time everything just right. With the highly anticipated Modern Warfare coming in October, Epic could slip in with a backhand and a jab to siphon players from that franchise.

Additionally, there’s recently been a group of influential players threatening to quit and move to Apex Legends and PUBG. Neither of these games contain any form of building and attracting them back with an alternate mode (without BRUTEs) would be a really smart business move in our opinion.

What do you think about a separate ‘no-building’ mode for Fortnite? This mode would not interfere in any way with the core game and give millions more the urge to play themselves a bit of Fortnite. With that influx of players would inevitably come an eager wave of cosmetic buyers.

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  1. I’d love it as a change of pace. The only issue I see with the current map is someone landing on mountain or something equally as high without anyone being able to get up to them in late circle (shockwaves, etc).

  2. As someone who just started playing the game, it’s hard enough learning basic game mechanics, much less learn how to bang out complex structures or take down mechs. It’s a very steep learning curve, so for now I’m mostly sticking to LTMs and Creative.

    • How is it hard enough learning? You know we learnt it all without PLAYGROUND starting season 1 and farming max mats in moisty etc and practice during actual games.

      Stop your whining and put some effort into playground, also elaborate why it’s so difficult to practice on a entire map without any enemies?

        • That’s… Exactly what I am saying? We practiced in public games and not playground. Did you read my comment at all, or just blindly responded? Wtf

      • Practicing isn’t that hard, but I’m one of those players who likes to practice during the game, but that’s kind of hard to do when you get stomped on by a giant robot, capiche?

        • Oh, for sure. Vault mech
          But still, go practice on creative, it’s so much more relaxed and you can focus on it and then try apply it in the first game, I do this with every move.

  3. Tilted town got a lot of hate and I’ve never stopped by until the battle pass challenge sent me there and I must say, it’s a really fun place to land


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