Getting sniped in any game isn’t fun, but it’s especially bad in Fortnite as you only have one life, so it’d be nice to know when somebody is aiming at you.

In many shooters, if somebody is scoping in on you with a sniper rifle, there’s a lens flare given off so you know you’re in someone’s sights.

Fortnite doesn’t have that so even if you see another player with a sniper, you don’t exactly know if they are getting ready to eliminate you or not, making a sniping enemy player among some of the most dangerous in the game.

That would change with this concept as it’d add a lens flare so you’ll always know when you’re the target. It would make defending against them a whole lot easier and take away a lot of the advantage with this simple change.

Reddit user Aaron7B took this the extra mile and showed exactly how this would look in-game and we can’t help but wonder how much improved Fortnite would be with the change.

The user explains that maybe it could be a little duller in brightness, but that’s the general idea. It’d let players know if they are in immediate danger. Someone who would have a problem with this change is a sniper.

This would effectively bring a nerf to the snipers, but it seems like it’d end up being a positive change for the game. Snipers aren’t exactly part of the meta in Fortnite right now, but they are still especially dangerous in the right hands.

Whether Epic Games decide to go through with this change remains to be seen but they have listened to the community on things in the past so perhaps this could be the next step?

What do you think about Fortnite potentially adding a lens flare to snipers? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Lol how are snipers not really not part of the meta right now well maybe not for pros but there are a shit ton of people using them in pubs and i am part of them sniper shots are so satisfying

  2. Last season snipers were great this season snipers feels like shit. Few days back hit a guy with sniper ended up being blank shot with 0 damage went to replay saw it it was clear hit. And idk its just me or everyone but feels like bullet drop is way to much compare to olden snipers.

  3. So, you’re telling me that every time you go out in real life, you can tell when you’re being aimed at by any rifle with a scope? How often do your dragon ball z trained eyes pick specific things out of the environment? A small light sourced reflection would not even be noticeable from a scope that size, in an environment so large, so the ‘other games you’ve played have given you a handicap with that setup. No sniper in his right mind, video games or real life, tends to expose themselves, nor would a gun maker create a scope that causes a massive visible flare-like reflection that is comparable to the brightness of its light source, for a fun meant to use subtly. Your post good sir, while begging for the fortnite baddies to be catered to, does NOT help the game. It is hard enough to hit a moving target with a leading shot, we’ve had to learn that, you should be able to learn how to walk…

  4. I would rather see them make a mode where building is either eliminated all together or really slowed down. I know it’s not going to happen because it’s “fort”nite but i think it would be more fun and show who has actual skills with their gun.

  5. They want to take away the wholeidea of a sniper. You don’t get any notification when you’re being targeted with any other weapon. This will make snipers obsolete. If u aim at someone they see a bright flag of light exactly where you are? So using a sniper would be suicide? Smh.. U better keep jumping when you run.

  6. Stupid post, bro I hit all of my Snipes and if this flare comes to the game it’s gonna be impossible to hit a single shot because everyone is going to notice that big fat light, just leave….

  7. It’s called glint lens flare is when the sun reflects off your screen also cool idea but dumb it would look cool but ruin snipers so nah

  8. Ok “IF” you were going to do this it would have to match a real world enviroment. if you in a bush or a building under cover…no glint of light, if the match is during the day cycle and you ARE facing the sun AND in the open where the sun could really reflect on your scope THEN you should see a little reflection…


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