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Should Fortnite add vehicle refueling?



In a lot of games vehicles are lowered in power by making them have a set amount of fuel to use.

Not Fortnite. In Fortnite you can drive a vehicle till the wheels fall off.

While the planes were dominating Fortnite a lot of players suggested that making them have to refuel would be a great way to lower the power level while still keeping them in the game.

Ultimately a full vaulting was probably for the best anyway, but it was an interesting suggestion.

So why write this article now with vehicles at their lowest power level in a while? Because leaks from the game files seem to hint that vehicle refueling may be coming to the game in the future.

At this site we deal with leaks from tons of sources and they range from an upcoming certainty, to likely, to hazy speculation. We don’t normally post articles for the latter.

But, Vehicle Refueling probably falls into that category. Textures and sounds were found by (a trustworthy source of leaks) but there just wasn’t enough to fully confirm it. Here’s a fuel warning logo they found:

From Skin-Tracker’s Unofficial Patch Notes

So the reason I am writing this article now is because it is interesting to examine what vehicle refueling would add or take away from Fortnite.

The Pros of Adding Vehicle Refueling

We will start with the positives, and there are actually some solid reasons for adding this feature.

1. It would allow for more powerful vehicles. Fortnite really tested the limits of how vehicles could operate with the planes. They went from pretty casual mobility heavy vehicles to suddenly having an absurd way to get around the map and survive in competitive events. With refueling, Fortnite could continue to experiment with strong vehicles and give them only a little bit of fuel so they wouldn’t be abused. Think something like a rocket or a tank.

2. It gives Epic an easy way to keep vehicles in check. Right now Epic balances vehicles by trying a variety of different aspects like the health or damage they do to structures. Fuel would be an easy way to lower or raise the power level of a vehicle and allow Epic to keep all things balanced, as they should be.

3. Adds strategy into using a vehicle. Right now using a vehicle in Fortnite is pretty cut and dry. They improve mobility and you use them to get towards the circle or do sweet tricks with the Driftboard. If Epic wants more vehicles in Fortnite going forward, having players have to balance how to expend their fuel is good for the game. Competitive players wouldn’t have been buzzing around in planes if they might have to make a crash landing at some point.

The Cons of Adding Vehicle Refueling

Where there are pros, there must be cons. Here are a couple solid arguments against adding this mechanic:

1. No new vehicles. Drake would agree with this point, Fortnite already has some solid vehicles and why do we need to add any more? Vehicles, when used for anything other than mobility, are inherently quite strong. They have a dual purpose and any gun mounted on a vehicle will have to be strong to be realistic. Vehicle refueling shows that more powerful vehicles are coming, and that may just not need to happen at all.

2. How would it work? The gas icon leaked above seems to indicate there would be fuel centers around the map. Or maybe they would just have a set amount and that icon would come up when low. Either way, Epic would have to navigate changing the game authentically and have it make sense. There are already some random gas stations scattered around the map so those could easily be turned into fuel centers, but all those details would need to be ironed out. Preferably before a new powerful vehicle is added.

Is this something you want to see Fortnite add eventually? How would you want it to work?


How to get the Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin in Fortnite

Fortnite has added a new Ariana Grande skin. Here is how you can get the Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin and her style variant in Fortnite.



spacefarer ariana grande skin

Ariana Grande has returned to Fortnite! Here is how you can get the new Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin in Fortnite.

Nickelodeon child star turned international superstar, Ariana Grande has been immortalized in Fortnite. Along with a one-of-a-kind digital experience, Fortnite released the official Ariana Grande skin.

Other musical artists such as Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Major Lazer have also appeared in Fortnite. Epic Games also hosted concerts for Scott and Marshmello that rivaled Grande’s.

However, neither Scott nor Marshmello have had skins added to the game later. As for Ariana Grande, Fortnite is adding the new Spacefarer skin which depicts Grande as an intergalactic bounty hunter.

fortnite ariana grande rift tour

Unlocking Spacefarer Ariana Grande in Fortnite

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to unlock Spacefarer Ariana Grande in Fortnite without the use of V-Bucks. That’s right, players have to purchase the Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin from the Item Shop.

Spacefarer Ariana Grande, as well as the original Ariana Grande set, will be available on October 21 at 8 PM EST. It will likely cost 2,000 V-Bucks like the last Ariana Grande skin. However, we will update the price when it is officially released.

The Spacefarer Ariana Grande skin comes with a built-in emote that drastically changes the look of the skin. There’s also an alternate style that players can unlock via challenges.

fortnite spacefarer ariana grande skin

Unlock Spacefarer Ariana Grande’s Captain A. Grande style

The Spacefarer Ariane Grande skin has a secret bonus style that players have to unlock. In order to unlock the style, players will have to purchase the base skin and complete the Ariana Grande challenge punchcard.

The Ariana Grande NPC is located on the boardwalk at Believer Beach. Here are her punchcard challenges:

  • Collect a Record and place in a turntable x 2
  • Study the Caretaker’s Footprints x 2
  • Collect Symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters x 5
  • Reveal the Command Symbol x 1
  • Launch Signal Flares x 3

You will unlock the bonus style as soon as these challenges are completed.

For more Fortnite, check out how to unlock the Season 8 Cube Queen skin, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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The future of Fortnite Mobile on Apple devices won’t be decided for 2-3 months

The Epic Games vs Apple trial has ended, but Fortnite Mobile’s return and the trial verdict are still months away.



Fortnite apple trial verdict

Following the Epic Games vs Apple trial, the judge announced that a verdict won’t be issued for up to three months. This means that Fortnite Mobile won’t return to Apple devices for at least two months.

Fortnite mobile was removed from the App Store on August 13, 2020, following a breach of contract with Apple. Epic Games announced a permanent discount on V-Bucks that mobile players could only have if they used a direct payment method. This undermined the 30% cut Apple takes from all in-app transactions which is against its Terms of Service.

Following Epic’s announcement, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store and prohibited future updates. This was then met with a lawsuit from Epic Games claiming that Apple’s digital storefront policies are anti-competitive. The trial officially started on May 3, and has since concluded.

Fortnite Mobile’s return is months away

While the three-week trial officially concluded on May 21, we still don’t know who won the trial. At the end of the evidence portion of the trial, the judge announced she would issue a verdict before August 13. However, she also stated that she wouldn’t have a verdict before June 7.

Epic’s platform during the trial was that Apple’s 30% cut of all transactions promotes anti-competitive behavior. Epic Games made it clear before and during the trial that this suit was not for monetary gain, but was to fight for fair policies for all app developers. Towards the end of the trial, it seemed as if the judge was starting to sympathize with Epic’s position.

According to Twitter user imgoldenyt, the judge was intensely criticizing Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on the lack of competition on iOS devices. The judge at one point stated, “It doesn’t feel like you feel competition, and a reason to change the matter in which you act.”

Regardless of the judge’s assumed position, we still won’t know the result of the trial for a couple of months. This also means that Fortnite Mobile won’t return to the App Store within this time frame. Even if Fortnite isn’t declared the winner, Apple has extended an invitation to have Fortnite back on the App Store if it abides by store policies.

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How to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges are available. Here’s how to collect books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.



The Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 challenges are live. Here’s a guide to the most difficult challenge: collecting books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.

Epic have been taking it easy on us this season, with only a handful of weekly challenges requiring us to search the map for specific items.

Unfortunately, the Season 5 Week 7 challenges include one of these, requiring you to collect books in Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. We did the leg work for you so you can get back to grabbing Victory Royales.

Fortnite Holly Hedges & Sweaty Sands book locations

There are three books in each location, but you only need to find five of them. Since Sweaty and Holly are near one another, you can easily complete this challenge in a single game of Team Rumble.

The book locations are as follows:

Holly Hedges

  • Ground floor of the yellow house in the northwest
  • The tall building in the southeast corner
  • The building in the northeast corner (dog house)

Sweaty Sands

  • The building next to the RV park
  • The bookshelf inside the tall apartment building
  • The building in the southeast corner
Fortnite book locations

Again, Team Rumble is the best way to complete this challenge if you want to get it out of the way. Of course, you can always land at these locations in a normal match, but that’s only making it more difficult for yourself.

You can take a look at the full list of Season 5 Week 7 challenges here. We’ll be back next week with another guide to all of the weekly challenges.

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