In a lot of games vehicles are lowered in power by making them have a set amount of fuel to use.

Not Fortnite. In Fortnite you can drive a vehicle till the wheels fall off.

While the planes were dominating Fortnite a lot of players suggested that making them have to refuel would be a great way to lower the power level while still keeping them in the game.

Ultimately a full vaulting was probably for the best anyway, but it was an interesting suggestion.

So why write this article now with vehicles at their lowest power level in a while? Because leaks from the game files seem to hint that vehicle refueling may be coming to the game in the future.

At this site we deal with leaks from tons of sources and they range from an upcoming certainty, to likely, to hazy speculation. We don’t normally post articles for the latter.

But, Vehicle Refueling probably falls into that category. Textures and sounds were found by (a trustworthy source of leaks) but there just wasn’t enough to fully confirm it. Here’s a fuel warning logo they found:

From Skin-Tracker’s Unofficial Patch Notes

So the reason I am writing this article now is because it is interesting to examine what vehicle refueling would add or take away from Fortnite.

The Pros of Adding Vehicle Refueling

We will start with the positives, and there are actually some solid reasons for adding this feature.

1. It would allow for more powerful vehicles. Fortnite really tested the limits of how vehicles could operate with the planes. They went from pretty casual mobility heavy vehicles to suddenly having an absurd way to get around the map and survive in competitive events. With refueling, Fortnite could continue to experiment with strong vehicles and give them only a little bit of fuel so they wouldn’t be abused. Think something like a rocket or a tank.

2. It gives Epic an easy way to keep vehicles in check. Right now Epic balances vehicles by trying a variety of different aspects like the health or damage they do to structures. Fuel would be an easy way to lower or raise the power level of a vehicle and allow Epic to keep all things balanced, as they should be.

3. Adds strategy into using a vehicle. Right now using a vehicle in Fortnite is pretty cut and dry. They improve mobility and you use them to get towards the circle or do sweet tricks with the Driftboard. If Epic wants more vehicles in Fortnite going forward, having players have to balance how to expend their fuel is good for the game. Competitive players wouldn’t have been buzzing around in planes if they might have to make a crash landing at some point.

The Cons of Adding Vehicle Refueling

Where there are pros, there must be cons. Here are a couple solid arguments against adding this mechanic:

1. No new vehicles. Drake would agree with this point, Fortnite already has some solid vehicles and why do we need to add any more? Vehicles, when used for anything other than mobility, are inherently quite strong. They have a dual purpose and any gun mounted on a vehicle will have to be strong to be realistic. Vehicle refueling shows that more powerful vehicles are coming, and that may just not need to happen at all.

2. How would it work? The gas icon leaked above seems to indicate there would be fuel centers around the map. Or maybe they would just have a set amount and that icon would come up when low. Either way, Epic would have to navigate changing the game authentically and have it make sense. There are already some random gas stations scattered around the map so those could easily be turned into fuel centers, but all those details would need to be ironed out. Preferably before a new powerful vehicle is added.

Is this something you want to see Fortnite add eventually? How would you want it to work?

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