The age old rivalry between Xbox & PlayStation could make for a great battleground in an official Fortnite tournament for millions of dollars.

With the spectacular Fortnite World Cup Finals finished, many people have begun to think of ways that Epic can expand the competitive scene. The first official Fortnite venture into esports has been inarguably bumpy, but the end results have been undeniably impressive with massive prize pools to boot.

An area that has been left unfortunately untouched by Epic is the console arena. Playing competitive Fortnite requires a powerful PC due to advantages it brings with higher framerates. Perhaps the next step would be to bring on more console-only content?

Xbox vs. PlayStation Fortnite Tourney Concept

Starting up a separate console league would require some restructuring, but the groundwork has all been done as all platforms support Arena. Epic additionally already ran a Xbox-only tourney for $1 million in prizes and intend to bring together a PS4 variant as well.

CourageJD, a Fortnite caster & streamer, proposed that Epic should run a PlayStation vs. Xbox tournament with millions out for grabs. After Epic’s insanely successful World Cup Finals, the idea should definitely be intriguing as the developers seek ways to expand beyond the current competitive limits.

We’ve criticized Epic Games for their missteps during the Fortnite World Cup process, but the blunders are understandable as it was the first official esports “league” run by Epic. It’s definitely not easy making a scene that works for both viewers and competitors. Now, in order to grow, Epic needs to mend any problems and get to making competitive Fortnite even better.

Courage’s idea for a console-only rivalry tourney would be an excellent way to kick things off. In fact, Epic could run a PC-only & a console-only tourney at the same time to show their equal worth. Season 10 will be a gigantic milestone for every aspect of the game, so why not give competitive players the keys to a greater tomorrow?

Why are consoles forced to play against powerful PCs?

The above concept suggests a 50v50 style match. We’d much rather see a normal Battle Royale with Squads or Trios made up of Playstation or Xbox players.

After the tournament, depending on the results & turnout, Epic could begin planning further console-only content. Console players are just as hungry to compete for money as PC players and they should be given that opportunity. Splitting up the scenes would also take away any animosity between console and PC players generated by this inherent unfairness.

A single scene gives way to easier management, but excludes millions of players who can’t afford powerful PCs. Additionally, brand loyalty is highly important for console players. The only fair solution would be to create a dedicated console scene.

The key complaint against this we’ve seen (mostly from PC players) is that consoles can’t handle the mass amount of builds at competitive end-games. For a company as talented as Epic Games, that shouldn’t be a problem. Console competitive games could have significantly limited materials to limit building in end games, feature reduced graphical fidelity when needed, or a variety of other solutions.

Would you play in a Xbox vs. Playstation console-only tourney? Would you like to see a separate console scene for competitive Fortnite? Give us your comments on these ideas below!

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    • That’s exactly why I hate this idea. It would just cause more retarded comments to spawn about whether or not Xbox or PlayStation is better.

  1. Why would they encourage that bullshit toxic “which console is best” dialogue? Also I’d be playing on my switch.


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