With the release of Patch v3.0.0 (Season 3), you may have noticed an influx of shopping carts positioned around the map at many Points of Interest:

These are just a few examples, keep an eye out for them when you’re next online and you’ll see that they’re dotted around everywhere.

To add to this, four of these shopping carts have been lined up at the ‘racetrack’ located on the eastern side of the map, hinting at the ability to use them in the future:

While the addition of these alone would not be enough to suspect the addition of vehicles, the idea is backed up by files added to the game recently under a ‘DrivableVehicles’ folder in the Athena directory (where all the Battle Royale files are stored).

Located within this folder is the same shopping cart model that is currently being used as a prop around the map. Along with this, many new animations have been added to deal with the use of these vehicles, possibly hinting at the idea of a player being required to push it along to gain speed:

Epic have stated in the past that they do not plan to add ‘vehicles with the sole purpose of traversal’ to the game, but would be open for some with unique/funny functionality which the shopping cart would likely fall under:

On top of this, a developer responded to a post on reddit petitioning for the ability to move the shopping carts at Retail Row with the following:

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be added to the main modes (Solos, Duos and Squads) – they could be part of one of the upcoming Limited Time Modes we covered a couple of days ago. Perhaps the ‘Playground’ mode will feature a selection of fun items not seen in the normal playlists.

It’s also possible they have a use for a challenge introduced later into Season 3 as was the case with the ‘forbidden dancing‘ signs found across the map on Patch v3.0.0’s launch. Nonetheless, it’s exciting stuff and we hope to hear more about it soon.