Epic Games has fixed the Hidden Battle Stars with patch v10.10, which means the Shootout at Sundown star is now active.

Hidden Battle Stars are an extra reward for players who complete missions throughout Season X. Prior to patch v10.10, these were glitched and could not be retrieved. Epic Games implemented a small fix to correct the issue.

The Week 2 ‘Shootout at Sundown’ Hidden Battle Star has now officially gone live for all players. We’ve put together a short guide to help you breeze past this challenge without hassle.

Shootout at Sundown Hidden Battle Star Location

First and foremost, you’ll need to complete three Shootout at Sundown missions prior to reading on. Thankfully, Prestige missions are not a requirement for seeing the Battle Star.

The hint for the Hidden Star is located on the loading screen unlocked via completing the three missions. In the top-left, you can see the iconic fork and knife location etched into the wood of Tilted Town.

Once you’ve taken care of that, you can hop into a mode to begin your quest. The zone shouldn’t be too contested as this star isn’t located near any hot drops. As with all missions/challenges, we highly recommend Team Rumble for easy completion with no effect on core stats.

Shootout at Sundown Loading Screen

Once you’ve hopped out of the Battle Bus, head towards Fatal Fields. The Fork & Knife are located directly to the northwest of the location within walking distance. We’ve marked it on the map below for your convenience.

It’s not terribly hard to find as Epic loves to place these on the grey/brown patches of dirt amongst the bright green grass. The Battle Star sits atop of the Fork & Knife in the middle of the unnamed location.

Retrieving the star will net you 10 free Battle Stars for your Battle Pass which amounts to a full tier.

Shootout at Sundown Hidden Battle Star

Even though Season X has gotten off to a rough start with Epic’s questionable decision-making, we’re enjoying the variety of missions. They feel similar to Fortbytes, but with a better spread of activities that don’t feel instantly repetitive.

Of course, receiving free cosmetics and other gear does tend to sway our opinion strongly. All the same, Epic Game should continue to emphasize variety going into the future while also focusing on fixing issues like the BRUTE’s incredible power.

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