In v9.00, Epic decided to add an animation to the player’s shield bar and changed the health bar damage depletion. Now, Epic has admitted that this was, in part, a mistake and that a fix is coming.

The ability to track one’s health and shields during hectic fights is highly important in the Fortnite. Epic added a new animation to the bars in v9.00.

The animation can be seen with peripheral vision while the player is looking at different parts of the screen. Epic Games has now said that the change will be tweaked or reverted.

v9.00 Shield Bar change to be tweaked

In v9.00, Epic changed the way damage is shown on the health and shield bars. This means that both the health and shield bars use a red animation effect. When you aren’t directly staring at the health bar, these two effects can easily look the same.

The change was a confusing one and may have been an oversight by a developer team inside Epic Games. They’ve now released a small statement about the mechanic that should satisfy players who are annoyed of the change.


The overall point of the new animations is a sound one. It allows players to track damage much more easily without having to stare at the bars.

With this said, having both the bars have a red effect is understandably frustrating. The human eye already has problems denoting changes at the edges of our vision and if two effects blend together/look the same…it’s hard to tell them apart.

Hopefully, Epic will change the mechanic to have the shield depletion be shown in blue and the health in red. Then, the changes made would be a boon to all players. The adjustment period to the new change will some time for casual players, but in the end, it will help out in fights.

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