In patch v9.30, Epic Games changed the way Shields react to taking damage. This has resulted in an unfortunately ugly particle effect, but Epic Games is seeking to fix the problem by the v9.40 release.

As they say, there’s no rest for the ever busy video game developer. Epic Games just got back from their two week long vacation and are busy at work to fix common Fortnite grievances. Key among these is the Shield Damage particle effect which many have found annoyingly obtrusive.

Patch v9.30 brought a new effect for players’ shields when they are under fire. While it does help relay the incoming damage to the player, the particle effect obscures the vision of the player.

Shield Damage particle ‘priority fix’ for Fortnite v9.40

By now, most of us have experienced the Shield Damage particle effect of v9.30. Getting shot can feel doubly awful due to the massive blue texture that spawns inside our character’s face.

For those who haven’t seen the effect yet (lucky for you), this video from u/shim0_ on the FortniteBR subreddit perfectly illustrates the broken effect.

the shield flash effect is a bit ridiculous from r/FortNiteBR

Now, Epic Games has returned to the studio and is taking a hard look at the most important fixes they must implement. The Shield Damage effect came out on top and Epic gave us a small indication of their efforts to fix the issue.

So, thankfully, the obstructive, view-blocking texture will be gone as the next major patch releases for Fortnite. The exact date for the v9.40 patch has not been announced as of now by Epic Games.

When will the Fortnite patch v9.40 release?

More patches arriving as we near the launch of the Fortnite World Cup Finals

We presume that the patch will arrive in the next few days as we are very near to the start of the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Many professional players have complained about the constant changes to the game so close to events, especially the recent addition of the Air Strike which heavily nerfs building.

Of course, no one will be upset with fixes and improvements, but we tend agree with the pros that meta changes should be withheld until after the event. Separate loot pools would easily solve this issue, but that’s a discussion we’ll continue another day.

The Shield Damage Particle fix has us excited for v9.40 and any other possible fixes it might bring to the table. Fortnite’s an awesome game and we genuinely love playing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see the game improve.

Other than the shield fix, what other bug fixes or gameplay tweaks would you like to see in v9.40? Also, be sure to report any glitches you find to Epic Games directly so they can begin to repair the problems. We’re sure they’ll appreciate your help.