Epic Games wants to ensure that older Item Shop products remain fresh and have added a new Shadow Ops Style in patch v9.41.

Fortnite’s feature set evolves as the community demands new customization options. This means some skins from the early days can seem a bit drab compared to recent releases. Epic knows this and frequently adds new Back-Blings and Styles to old outfits to keep them spruced up for purchase.

Shadow Ops is the latest skin to receive such an upgrade. Along with other content upgrades, patch v9.41 brings a lighter theme to one of our favorite classic skins.

Shadow Ops Outfit gets a white colored Style

Shadow Ops available in the Item Shop – July 23

Shadow Ops was originally released back in December 2017 and gained quick popularity due to its slick black uniform. Everybody wants to be shadow operative at some point in their lives and this outfit lets us live out that dream in Fortnite.

However, as modern skins have several Styles and more flashy appearances, players wanted a choice between the dark original and a new, lighter theme. Of course, Epic has listened to your requests as par usual. As of July 23, Shadows Ops now has a ‘White’ Style.

This new Style can be applied to both the Outfit and Back Bling. The Item Shop allows players to preview the options before purchase.

Here’s an additional, in-game picture of the new Style from Youtube Enigma:

via Enigma

If we were forced to give the new Style a rating, we’d have to give it a solid 4.3/5. It’s just as clean the original and the details of the suit are easier to see due to the white background.

For those looking to purchase the skin, you can grab it today (July 23) from the Item Shop. It’ll set you back 1500 V-Bucks. We understand the strain cosmetics can put on one’s wallet and spending carefully is important. Always remember to take care of ‘real life’ monetary issues first.

In addition, Season 10 will begin on August 2nd and you might want to save up for the 950 V-Buck Battle Pass. However, if you’ve got money to spare, the Shadow Ops skin is most certainly worth it with the new Style.

Epic Games also recently released Styles for the Fortbyte Singularity skin. Five Helmets have been hidden around the island and each unlocks a unique Style. In order to unlock the skin, you must complete 90 Fortbyte challenges. We’ve got guides for all 100 Fortbytes in case you are still questing towards completion.

As Fortnite continues to grow and add new cosmetic features, we’ll probably see more upgrades to older content. Some Battle Pass outfits like Valor could really use a refreshed coat of paint. With said, the Fortnite World Cup Finals and Season 10 will take up most of Epic’s resources for the foreseeable future.

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