Take a look at the Ghost Dropbox locations and Shadow Dropbox locations for your Fortnite TNTina Trial.

Fortnite Week 4 is here, bringing us a list of new challenges and the opportunity to unlock the Ghost or Shadow variant for TNTina. If the vocal online community is any indication, the Shadow side is going to take things once again.


Whether you like the Shadow or Ghost variant of the skin, you’re going to have to destroy two Dropboxes from the opposing faction. These Dropboxes are located in several POIs around the map, meaning you can probably complete the mission in a single Team Rumble match.

Team Rumble also makes explosives more available. Chances are, you’re going to find some Grenades, C4, or Proximity Mines within your first few houses.

Ghost Dropbox Locations

This video from YouTuber HarryNinetyFour showcases the best way to complete your trial for the Shadow variant. There are two Ghost boxes in Pleasant Park, and you should be able to grab them both if you’re quick enough in a Team Rumble match.

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If the bus is far away from these boxes, it’s best to drop in Holly Hedges. You can also find a Ghost dropbox in the southern end of Slurpy Swamp and in the western road at Misty Meadows.

Shadow Dropbox Locations

For the most part, there are Shadow Dropboxes in all of the locations that have Ghost Dropboxes. There’s one next to the big tree in Holly Hedges and one on the southern edge of Salty Springs. You can also find both factions in Steamy Stacks and Pleasant Park.

The quickest way to complete this challenge is to hop into Team Rumble, go for the closest one, and quit out of the game if the second box is too far.

Make sure to accept your chosen trial before attempting to destroy the Dropboxes. They are impervious to damage unless you activate your trial.

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