We’re loving the 14 Days of Summer Fortnite event so far with its ever-changing meta and hope to more of the same from Epic. Today’s unvaulted weapon is the destructive and fiesty Compact SMG.

Ok, the 14 Days of Summer event has been rolling on for about a week and we’re quite impressed with the results. Great LTMs, new outfits, emotes, and fun challenges to complete…it’s among our list of top in-game festivals without a doubt.

Now, onto the day’s most important feature, the 24 hours unvaulted weapon. The past week has seen many great choices and some that we’re glad were only just a day-long venture (looking at you, Quad Launcher). Epic’s throwback for July 1st is the immaculate Compact SMG.

Compact SMG Unvaulted for July 1st

Compact SMG returns for 24 hours on July 1st

Alright, we all remember the power of this little monster when it first released. A combination of huge magazines, deadly damage, and effective destructive made it one of the most feared weapons in Fortnite.

Now, keep in mind that all unvaulted weapons receive the stats from when they were vaulted. We’re a little bit disappointed by this as the Compact SMG went through several nerfs before being retired. We think, for 24 hours, it would acceptable to bring back the fully powered release version of the weapon. But, that’s just us.

As for its current stats, the Compact still packs a serious punch in combat, but gets beaten by the Combat Shotgun due to sheer per shot damage.

200-210 DPS is nothing to laugh about and it’s a great choice for completing the daily unvaulted kills challenge. This is especially true with the recent additional nerfs to the Drum Gun.

Speaking of those challenges, we’ve been creating daily guides to help you out with all of the 14 Days of Summer tasks. You can expect new guides each day along with information on other daily reveals like outfits and other cosmetics.

Here’s a set of links to the 14 Days guides:

And before we forget, we’ve also compiled Fortbyte guides into a complete list of available collectibles. Don’t worry if you’re behind on those as the list will catch you up in a few short clicks.

We’ll admit to being a little bit skeptical about the daily unvaulting concept at first, but Epic’s pulled it all off quite well. Introducing new weapons and experimenting with meta changes for limited times unlocks a whole new world of possibilities.

Given Epic’s recent attempts to steer our favorite gaming experience back onto its original track, you can expect similar content in the future. You can feel it in the air, the excitement & hype of Fortnite’s greatness slowly returning and we couldn’t be happier!

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