The Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals were a heart-pounding series of six matches that ended with Bugha obliterating the competition.

After months of grueling Qualifiers and a heated Solo Finals, Sentinels’ Bugha takes home the $3,000,000 victory. The performance was truly unbeliveable from the player and watching his efforts was truly an honor for us all.


The Solo Finals started with a bang as Bugha took home the first Victory Royale along with nine eliminations. Aggressiveness helped him secure kill after kill and he replaced walls with unprecedented accuracy and speed. The first game put him firmly in the lead with 19 points.

Game 1 Standings – Solos Finals

If you didn’t watch the event, you’d better go and find the the VODs immediately and follow along with the Fortnite rerun. Bugha put on such a dominating performance that he held onto the above lead for all six games of the Finals. Psalm and King tried desperately to contest for the spot, but the Sentinels player never fell out of the placement points.

From our point of view, his key to winning was his versatility. Bugha isn’t just good at a single aspect of Fortnite, but rather dominates all aspects equally well.

As the final game came to a wonderful and roaring close, Bugha could not keep himself from smiling as he knew the victory was his alone.

Due to the superior gameplay, he walks off the stage with $3,000,000 dollars in cash. Today, we witnessed the birth of a legend and we’re sure to see him competing for many years to come.

In somewhat related news, Epic Games revealed two important teasers for Season 10 during the Finals.

The first was the announcement of a Fortnite Championship Series coming soon for competitive players. The feature confirms Epic’s intent to continue evolving the competitive scene and improve upon the formula. We hope this means additional changes like possible separate loot pools, delayed patches for tournaments, and more.

The second teaser was an image of a fan-favorite location returning to Fortnite in Season X. The image suggests that the upcoming season will be situated in the past. This might even mean that classic mechanics may return as Epic looks to return to the peak of their success.

What did you think of the World Cup Finals? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to go congratulate Bugha! He’s already gained over 50,000 new followers on Twitter in the 15 minutes after his victory.