Epic Games added the Driftboard vehicle into Fortnite at the beginning of Season 8, and one fan created an animation to show off its internal mechanisms and design!

Months of rumors seemed to hint that a Driftboard would enter Fortnite, and Season 8 finally saw the entrance of the new transportation vehicle.

Tons of players have been pulling off insane clips with the Driftboard, like this trick shot by Eragonist:

Some fans have been intrigued by the technology within Fortnite’s Driftboard, and one fan was able to create an animated breakdown of the Driftboard.

The animated breakdown by INVY breaks down the entire board to show the boost mechanism attached to the tail of the Driftboard, along with the magnet-like boot platform that keeps players attached.

The video is about 1 minute and 15 seconds long with cinematic shots of the Driftboard in action.

Fortnite players have been enjoying the new Driftboard by showing off insane back flip snipes or by flying across the map with newly developed strategies.

The Driftboard was added into Fortnite with Season 8, so what has been your favorite addition to the game with the latest season?

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