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Secret Fortnite Season 4 Challenge guide: Cleanse Tanks & Escape

Our Gnome villain is at it again. Here are the next two stages of the Fortnite Season 4 secret challenge: Cleanse Tanks & Escape.



The Fortnite Season 4 secret challenges continue with two new stages added in v14.40. You can still complete the first few stages of the challenges if you haven’t already. The guides to those will be linked later in the article.

In case you haven’t been following the theme of the season, one of the Gnomes has gone rogue and begun trying to sabotage major POIs around the map. The story, fittingly, mirrors that of a comic book – where the heroes deal with street-level villains while the writer builds up to the cosmic threat. In our case, it’s Galactus.

In this update, we saw two new secret challenges that both offer 10K XP. Here’s how to complete them.

Cleanse Tanks

Both of these challenges take place in Slurpy Swamp. The first stage requires you to cleanse the tanks in the main building. All you need to do is jump inside of them.

The top of the tanks – which is usually on – won’t be there for the Fortnitemares update. Jump inside and go to your next location.



Next, head to the northern side of the same building and look for the wall with a massive hole in it. Here, our antagonist Gnome will be waiting for you.

All you need to do is walk up to him and he’ll shoot himself out of the building. It’s realistically possible to stumble upon these challenges and complete them by accident.

Credit: u/BlazeInferno06

We doubt that this will be the last that we see of the Gnome villain. He’s clearly linked with Slurpy Swamp in some way – possible a displaced leader of the Slurp factory.

You can find the guide to the Most Wanted challenge here and Downfall challenge here. We’ll update you with the next stages of this secret subplot when the become available.


Fortnite Surface Hub location for Season 5 Week 13 challenges

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 challenges have players scanning servers at a Surface Hub. Here are the locations you need to visit.



One of the Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 challenges requires players to scan a server at a Surface Hub. Here’s where you need to go.

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 challenges are here. Most of them are pretty easy to complete, but there’s one particular challenge that might seem strange to you. This challenge requires players to scan a server at a Surface Hub.

You have probably already entered a Surface Hub or two without knowing what it was. These are the underground labs around the map that have something to do with Agent Jonesy and the Imagined Order. They may play a role in the storyline or could be as insignificant as Ghost and Shadow ended up being.

Either way, the Surface Hubs are home to the servers you need to scan for this challenge. Here’s where you need to go.

Fortnite IO hideouts

Fortnite Surface Hub location

There are three possible locations for you to complete this quest: Stealthy Stronghold, Hunter’s Haven, and Colossal Coliseum. We’re be focusing on the first two since the Surface Hub in Colossal Coliseum is more hidden and often more dangerous than the hubs in Stealthy Stronghold and Hunter’s Haven.

The Hunter’s Haven Surface Hub is located on the western side of the POI. You’ll see a small building, pictured above, with stairs that lead far down into the Surface Hub.

The Stealthy Stronghold Surface Hub might be the most well-known and safest since it’s in the corner of the map. The hub sits under the ruins in the center of the POI. When you access either of these Surface Hubs, you’ll want to look for a server, which you can see in the image, below.

Fortnite Surface Hub Server locations

All you need to do is scan the server and finish the challenge. You only need to do one of these, so it should be relatively easy to finish.

You can take a look at the rest of the Season 5 Week 13 challenge here. Good luck!

Image Credit: Epic Games

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Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Challenge guide

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 is upon us. Here are all of the challenges and quests for the week and how to complete them.



Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 challenges

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 quests are almost here. Take a look at all of the challenges and how to complete them.

A new week means another list of Fortnite challenges to complete as Season 5 comes to a close. Season 6 is on the horizon, which gives players a few weeks to complete all of the challenges and finish the Battle Pass.

We have some relatively easy challenges this week, with quests that focus on dealing damage and visiting easy-to-find locations. Here’s what we’ll need to do.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 13 Quests

  • Scan a server at a Surface Hub (0/1)
  • Throw fruit at Hunter’s Haven (0/3)
  • Damage opponents at Hunter’s Haven, The Orchard, Retail Row (0/300)
  • Pistol Damage (0/300)
  • Bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks (0/1)
  • Enter the Zero Point (0/1)
  • Destroy Crystal Trees (0/5)

We’re not 100% sure where the Surface Hub is located, but we’ll link to our full guide on that particular challenge as soon as all of these go live.

Throwing fruit at Hunter’s Haven is random but easy. We’re not sure if fruit baskets spawn at Hunter’s Haven, so you may need to hoard some bananas and apples on your way through the POI.

Steamy Stacks isn’t getting a ton of traffic these days, but the Purple Pool has been there since Chapter 2 began. You can find it in the Kevolution energy plant to the north of the POI.

As for the Legendary challenge, all we need to do is build structures. This one is completed in stages: 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300. There isn’t much to this one. You can spam structures in a match of Team Rumble or complete it over the course of several matches.

Luckily, you won’t need too much direction this week. Stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for guides on the challenges for the last few weeks of Season 5.

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All inflatable tubemen llama locations in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 Week 12 challenges require players to destroy inflatable tubemen llamas. Here are the locations where you can find them.



Fortnite inflatable llamas

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 12 challenges require players to find and destroy inflatable tubmen llamas. Here are all of the locations you need to visit.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 12 is here, which means we have another list of in-game challenges to complete that will reward us with XP. Season 5 has had no shortage of XP opportunities, with the newest week including some of the easier challenges we’ve seen.

One of these challenges requires players to find and destroy inflatable tubemen llamas. This might seem like a difficult quest, but it’s a lot easier than you may think.

Fortnite inflatable tubemen llama locations

You can find inflatable tubmen llamas at all of the gas stations around the Fortnite map. There are plenty of them, and each station spawns one or two tubemen for players to destroy.

Here’s a map of all of the gas stations on the Season 5 map, thanks to

Fortnite Season 5 Gas Station locations

Most of these gas stations spawn two tubemen llamas, but some only spawn one. Either way, you should be able to finish the challenge after visiting two gas stations, as you only need to destroy three of them.

We recommend completing this one in a game of Team Rumble. There are plenty of gas stations to choose from, so the bus path shouldn’t matter very much.

You can take a look at all of the Season 5 Week 12 challenges here. Good luck!

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