Epic Games has begun the march towards Season 10 now in earnest and the second teaser reveals more about the new season.

With the Fortnite World Cups Finals over, Epic can turn its full attention to Season 10 and beyond. We’re sure to see a wide array of changes coming to Fortnite in the coming week as innovations are a brand specialty for the studio.


The first Season 10 teaser revealed the return of a fan-favorite location from Fortnite’s early days. The second image follows a similar path and brings back feelings of nostalgia as Epic most definitely has something truly special planned.

Second Season 10 Teaser Image Released

On July 29, Epic released the second Season 10 (or Season X) teaser image to the public. While the first one was revealed on a livestream due to the World Cup Finals, the second got the normal treatment in the form of a Twitter release.

While the image may not appear like the past at first, check out the logo on the left. This is the mark of the Visitor. This character was added to the game back in Season 4! The timelines are all converging onto a single point at the beginning of Season 10!

These teasers suggest that two timelines will be colliding with the launch of Season 10. Season 9’s futuristic styling will clash against the old Season 3 themes. This could even mean the possible return of old Battle Pass skins and other exclusive content for newer players. In all honesty, it would only be fair to give all players a chance to earn some Season 2 and 3 content.

In addition, we could even see mechanics that we’ve gotten used in the past few seasons disappear. Classic Fortnite was a little slower due to players not yet discovering how to build fast and gather a truckload of materials quickly. While it may shake up the foundations of the game, Epic might seek to add restrictions to gameplay that would attempt to replicate these early days.

However, this is all speculation at this point. It’s very hard to say what will happen in Season 10. As of this writing, we’ve not received any major leaks and Epic looks keen to keep it that way.

What old Fortnite features would you like to see return in Season 10? It could be anything from map locations to old style mechanics like the removal of Turbo Building. Tell us your wishes in the comments!